Les projets sélectionnés pour le premier Filmmart de Durban
juin 2010 | Communiqués de festivals | Cinéma/TV | Afrique du Sud


Egypte, Nigeria, Ethiopie, Zambie et Burkina Faso


Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia and Burkina Faso
As delegate registration for the inaugural Durban FilmMart (23-26 July) opens this week, 12 selected projects for its Finance Forum were announced.

« With 12 projects accepted for this first Durban FilmMart, we are certain that this event will mark the beginning of an exciting new addition to the international film industry calendar, » says Durban Film Office’s (DFO) Toni Monty. « The high standard of the entries and the international support we have received leading up to the event has been gratifying, » adds Monty.

The selection includes projects from as far afield as Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia and Burkina Faso, with contributions in both Feature Film and Documentary genres.

Producers and directors presenting feature projects in the Finance Forum are Mohamed Junaid Ahmed, (Fineline Productions / ‘Stockholm Zululand’), Jenna Bass (Fox Fire Films/ ‘Tok Tokkie’), Nicolas Cand and Idrissa Ouedraogo (ARP/CK Productions / ‘The Stone of the Mango’), Guillaume De Seille and Abraham Haile Biru (Arizona Films / ‘Queleh’), Ibrahim El Batout (Ein Shams Film /‘Hawi’), Julie Frederikse and Madoda Ncayiyana (Vuleka Productions / ‘Mobile Muti’), Jeremy Nathan and Oliver Hermanus (DV8 / ‘The Struggle’) and Tom Rowlands-Rees and Kenneth Gyang (‘Confusion NaWa’); Tahir Aliyev and Jessie Chisi (Helmi Films Ltd. / ‘Women on Hold’), James Tayler and Julia Raynham (Switch Media /‘Continent in Flux’), Sulette van Jaarsveld and Robyn Rorke (Mesa Films & Nightswimming Films / ‘New Mountains in the Desert’) and Francois Verster (Fireworx Media and Undercurrent Film & Television / ‘The Dream of Shahrazad), will present in the documentary film category.

« Confirmation of the news that the Hubert Bals Fund Netherlands has selected the Durban FilmMart as one of 29 recipients from around the world, to receive a ‘Hubert Bals Fund’ Award of € 5.000, in the ‘Specialist Projects’ category, is a significant development in terms of building strategic partnerships for the Durban FilmMart in the future, » emphasises Monty.

« The Hubert Bals Fund is honoured and pleased to hand out a special Award during the first edition of the Durban FilmMart in July 2010, » says the Fund’s spokesperson.

« The Award of for script and project development will be awarded to the most promising African project that is presented at this event. We greatly support the Durban FilmMart and are convinced that it will be an inspiring networking platform for and a major contribution to the African independent film industry in the years to come. »

« A diverse and stimulating programme is being planned, both for selected projects and for registered delegates, » says Peter Rorvik, director of the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), co-organisers of the Durban FilmMart.

« We look forward to welcoming industry professionals, producers, funders and financiers to an event jam-packed with workshops and networking opportunities. The line-up of speakers and topics promises delegates a focussed look at the world of film-making in Africa from varied perspectives. »

The programme includes UK film finance expert Mike Kelly, who will facilitate the Financing and Co-Production Programme. With over 20 years of first-hand experience in international financing, packaging and distribution, Kelly has worked around the world and regularly consults to organisations and companies in this specialised field.

To register as a delegate for the Durban FilmMart visit For more information, contact Musonda Chimba by e-mail on [email protected] or Kamille Padayachee at [email protected]
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