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août 2010 | Appels à contributions / candidatures | Cinéma/TV | Royaume-Uni
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Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer l’ouverture d’EYEFULL 2010.

EYEFULL donnent aux cinéastes la possibilité d’avoir leurs films de courts métrages – faits selon une perspective africaine : continent ou Diaspora – projetés au cinéma Watershed (Bristol) dans le cadre du festival de cinéma Afrika Eye.

Cette année, un prix de £250 récompensera le meilleur court métrage.

Pour soumettre votre film, envoyez un DVD avec un petit mot à :

Afrika Eye (EYEFULL),
17, Cotham Side,
Bristol, BS6 5TP.
Royaume Uni

Si vous voulez que votre film vous soit retourné, merci de joindre une enveloppe timbrée à votre adresse (attention : les timbres français ne sont pas valables pour l’Angleterre).

Pour plus d’information merci de visiter le site d’EYEFULL.


We are pleased to announce the opening of EYEFULL 2010.

EYEFULL gives local and regional filmmakers the opportunity to have their short films – told from an African or Diaspora perspective – screened at the Watershed cinema as part of the Afrika Eye Film Festival.

This year a prize of £250 will be awarded to the best short.

Have your film seen in Bristol’s prestigious Watershed cinema! Each year, EYEFULL offers the opportunity for filmmakers to submit their own short films – told from an African or Diaspora perspective – and have them screened as part of the Afrika Eye Film Festival.

Although we’re interested in shorts from further afield, we’re particularly eager to see local productions. All local filmmakers of the films selected for EYEFULL will be invited to attend the screening. What’s more, a prize of £250 will be awarded for the best short film by a local filmmaker. All films must be no more than 20 minutes long and the Afrika Eye Selection Committee will have the final word on which submissions will be screened.

Afrika Eye 2009 saw a fantastic selection of short films, all played to a full house. The films were warmly received by an eager audience and members of the crowd later told how the films shown were extremely moving and overall a brilliant collection of shorts! Three local films made it into the final selection and a jury awarded a commendation to each with a prize for the best film.

We are extremely grateful to Avon and Somerset Police for sponsoring EYEFULL 2010.

To enter, send a DVD with a brief note to:

Afrika Eye (EYEFULL),
17, Cotham Side,
Bristol, BS6 5TP.

If you’d like your DVD returned, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Good luck
For more information visit the EYEFULL page.
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