SOUL BOY, by Hawa Essuman
AfricAvenir & Goethe-Centre present Namibian Premiere of « SOUL BOY » on Tuesday, June 05. Directed by Hawa Essuman, produced by Tom Tykwer & Marie Steinmann, Kenya/Germany, 2010, 60 minutes


Several wise females help a young teen from Nairobi’s Kibera district learn what it takes to become a modern African man in « Soul Boy. »
Ghanaian-Kenyan helmer Hawa Essuman’s gentle coming-of-ager encompasses the diverse worlds of the Kenyan capital, combining traditional beliefs and contemporary problems into a narrative that’s part fairy tale, part teaching tool.


AfricAvenir and the Goethe-Centre Windhoek invite you to the screening of
the winner of Best Film at the 1st Luxor African Film Festival 2012

directed by Hawa Essuman

on Tuesday, June 05, 2012
at the Goethe-Centre Windhoek, Auditorium, 7h15pm

Courtesy of AfricAvenir and the Goethe Centre.

Come and enjoy this premiere with us.
See attachment for more details.

Furthermore we like to announce from July onwards, AfricAvenir will screen African Movies at the Goethe Centre, every last Saturday of the month.

See you at the movies.


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A lost father. A dedicated son. A magical journey.
Nairobi, Kenya. 14 year-old Abila lives with his parents in Kibera, one of the largest slums in East Africa. One morning the teenager discovers his father ill and delirious. Someone has stolen his soul, mumbles the father as he sits huddled in a corner. Abila is shocked and confused but wants to help his father and goes in search of a suitable cure.Supported by his friend Shiku who is the same age as him, he learns that his father has gambled his soul away in the company of a spiritual woman.

The teenager doesn’t want to believe it and sets about looking for the witch. When he finally discovers her in the darkest corner of the ghetto, she gives him seven challenging tasks to save his father’s lost soul. Abila embarks on an adventurous journey which leads him right through the microcosm of his home town.

Soul Boy is an outstanding new feature film that comes out of a Kenyan-German co-production and was shot in Kibera. Soul Boy was filmed by the Kenyan-Ghanaian Hawa Essuman alongside the German director Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run, Perfume, The International). The film script was developed by Billy Kahora of Kwani? and Tom Tykwer, transforming the mysteries and myths of this multi-faceted social microcosm into a modern fairytale story. The soundtrack features music by Princess Jully and Mr. Abbas.
Soul Boy will be one of the best films to come out of Kenya. It is the first result of a project by One Fine Day Films, an alternative film production company that follows the non-profit society One Fine Day e.V., the local production company Ginger Ink, the film equipment manufacturer Arri München, the Göteborg International Film Festival and Goethe-Institut Nairobi..
In this project, every year, an experienced filmmaker produces a feature film with a small team of professional crew and a much larger staff of young trainees from East Africa. Professional knowledge and perspectives are shared and acquired during the direct partnership on set. Every department gets one overall responsible person and several trainees that are involved in all creative and organizational steps.

by Hawa Essuman, Kenya/Germany, produced by Tom Tykwer.

RUNNING TIME: 120 minutes

Abila__ Samson Odhiambo
Shiku__ Leila Dayan Opou
Nyawawa__ Krysteen Savane
Macharia__ Frank Kimani
Abi’s Father__ Joab Ogolla
Abis’s Mother__ Lucy Gachanja
Aunt Susan__ Katherine Damaris
Bojo Kevin__ Onyango Omondi
Kaka Calvin__ Shikuku Odhiambo
Willie__ Nordeen Abdulghani
Claire__ Siobhain « Ginger » Wilson
Brian__ Nick Reding
Amy__ McLean Wilson
Rafael__ Jomo Wilson
Thief__ Godfrey Ojiambo
Angry Man__ Rogers Otieno
Matatu Tout__ John Githui
Mr. Kamangu__ Tony Rimwah
S.A.F.E. Stage Father__ Juma Williams
S.A.F.E. Stage Mother__ Sharleen Njeri
Kama__ Micheal Babu
Kimani__ Peter Paul Njogu
Bibi Okello__ Lydia Makori
Mama Wekesa__ Aida Mulafu
Mama Akinyi__ Rose Adhiambo
Weaver Woman__ Consolata Apondi
Gatekeeper__ Gilbert K. Lukalia
Old Couple – Man__ Jones Onyango Ajwala
Old Couple – Woman__ Clementina Makokha
Auctioneer__ Christopher Abuga
Thug 1__ Douglas Asila
Thug 2__ Alex Jadolo
Dead Man__ Anthony Waweru

Directed by Hawa Essuman
Written by Billy Kahora
Produced by Marie Steinmann; Tom Tykwer
Co-Producers Siobhain « Ginger » Wilson; Guy Wilson; Verena Rahmig; Sarika Hemi Lakhani
Associate Producers Bee Gilbert; Dirk Wilutzky
Director of Photopgraphy Christian Almesberger
Production Designer Naima Mungai
Editor Ng’ehte Gitungo
Sound Mixer Big Willie Kiumi
Original Music by Xaver von Treyer

Regie: Hawa Essuman (Kenia/Duitsland, 2010)

DVD (Tiger Release, Rotterdam)
Ondertiteling: EN/NL
Prijs: €14,95
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