Tri Continental Film Festival 2012
South Africa, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town & Soweto


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Simply being able to bring you another year of great documentary films from across the globe we KNOW South African documentary fans are hungry for high quality, local and international films.

To all of you wonderful film fans we hope you will enjoy another 16 days of human rights focused documentary film from September 7-23.

We hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as we have and continue to do so.

The Tri Continental Film Festival (TCFF) is an arts and cultural initiative that showcases films from or concerned with the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Our selection seeks to highlight issues of democratization and human rights, while also raising awareness around gender equality, socio-economic justice, racism and reconciliation.
TCFF is the only film festival of its kind based in Africa, one that provides a forum for exploring compelling socio-political-economic issues through cinema, bringing filmmakers and industry practitioners together with community based and non-government organizations to make practical use of human rights films and the issues they raise. The individual films document a wide range of human experiences, highlighting the lives of vulnerable and marginalized people. Films are selected because they are provocative, promote social messages and encourage critical discussion of controversial topics.
Through a south/south focus and by networking with internationally experienced filmmakers and those working under similar conditions, we are developing the creative talent of documentary filmmakers while supporting the genre’s role in promoting societies that are rooted in awareness and transparency, enquiry and participation. People to People International Documentary Conference is an offshoot of TCFF. The first conference, which is comprised of practical workshops, screenings with master-classes and round table discussion, took place in 2007 with the objective of strengthening the social role of documentary film; a genre that we perceive is underfunded and underutilized.
The festival dates are:
Johannesburg, 7-16 September
Pretoria, 14-23 September
Cape Town, 14-23 September
Soweto, 7-14 September
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