Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF 2014)
39ème édition.


Festival Film Listing

Yann Demange | United Kingdom

[REC]4 Apocalypse
Jaume Balagueró | Spain

David Gesslbauer, Michael Lange | Germany

1001 Grams
Bent Hamer | Norway/Germany/France
A recently divorced, work-obsessed lab technician finds herself encountering a whole new world of experience when she attends an important scientific conference in Paris, in this charmingly offbeat comedy from Norwegian master Bent Hamer (Kitchen Stories, O’ Horten).

130919 – A Portrait of Marina Abramovic
Matthu Placek | USA

The 50 Year Argument
Martin Scorsese, David Tedeschi | USA

8 bullets
Frank Ternier | France

99 Homes
Ramin Bahrani | USA
Desperate to save his family home, an unemployed construction worker (Andrew Garfield) joins an unscrupulous realtor (Michael Shannon) in the dirty business of foreclosing on the disenfranchised, in this enthralling and timely drama from acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart, Chop Shop).

Adult Beginners
Ross Katz | USA

Against Landscape
Joshua Gen Solondz | USA

Aire Libre
Anahí Berneri | Argentina

Clément Trehin-Lalanne | France
Aïssa, a young Congolese woman living illegally in France, must lie about her age in order to stay in French territory. Through the coldly scrutinizing lens of a medical examination, director Trehin-Lalanne probes the deeply personal implications of territorial boundaries that dictate the legality of an individual.

Park Jung-bum | South Korea

Fabrice Du Welz | France/Belgium

American Heist
Sarik Andreasyan | USA

Amour Fou
Jessica Hausner | Austria/Luxembourg/Germany

Anna and the Tower
Anna and the Tower is a 3-channel installation co-commissioned by TIFF and the Goethe-Institut Toronto that conflates documentary and performance. Filmed in an under-utilized airport outside of Berlin that was once a Soviet airbase, the work conveys both a sense of latency and expectation, and a desire to will events into being.
Co-commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Toronto and Toronto International Film Festival, 2014. Presented in collaboration with Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto.

An Apartment
Sarah Galea-Davis | Canada

Around is Around
Norman McLaren | Canada
Newly restored, McLaren’s 1951 short is the first stereoscopic animated film ever made. McLaren creates a visionary 3D effect with a cathode-ray oscilloscope, and the result is an elegant, mesmerizing pattern of spherical shapes evolving in space.

Jan-Willem van Ewijk | Netherlands/Belgium/Germany/Morocco
A young windsurfer from a small Moroccan coastal village undertakes a perilous solo voyage across the ocean to Europe, in this transcendently beautiful high-seas adventure.

Adam MacDonald | Canada

Bang Bang Baby
Jeffrey St. Jules | Canada

The Barnhouse
Caroline Mailloux | Canada

Beats of the Antonov
Hajooj Kuka | Sudan/South Africa
Director Hajooj Kuka immerses us in the world of the Sudanese farmers, herders and rebels of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain regions, who defiantly celebrate their heritage and tend their lands in the face of a government bombing campaign.

Le beau danger
René Frölke | Germany

Kim Kyung-man | South Korea

Before We Go
Chris Evans | USA

Ernesto Daranas | Cuba
A spirited, septuagenarian schoolteacher becomes the target of an official witch hunt when she mounts a campaign to have one of her young students released from a government « re-education facility, » in this daring drama from Cuba that has galvanized domestic audiences with its tackling of taboo topics.

Beyond the Lights
Gina Prince-Bythewood | USA

Big Game
Jalmari Helander | Finland/Germany/United Kingdom

Big Muddy
Jefferson Moneo | Canada

Bird People
Pascale Ferran | France

Kevan Funk | Canada

Black and White
Mike Binder | USA

Black Souls
Francesco Munzi | Italy
A former narcotics trafficker now living peaceably in the Calabrian hills is drawn back into his family’s drug-trade dynasty by his impetuous teenage son, in this darkly elegant gangster drama.

BMX Channel and Midnight Traceur
Linked to the artist’s interest in street culture and subculture and his early participation in extreme sports, these works, presented at The Drake Hotel and at TIFF Bell Lightbox respectively, are complemented by nightly screenings of several earlier works at Drake One Fifty.
Presented in collaboration with The Drake Hotel.

Boogaloo and Graham
Michael Lennox | Northern Ireland/United Kingdom

François Girard | USA

Breakup Buddies
Ning Hao | China

Mélanie Laurent | France

Broken Face
Alain Fournier | Canada

brouillard – passage #14
Alexandre Larose | Canada

Burnt Grass
Ray Wong | Canada

Daniel Barnz | USA

Ken Jacobs | USA

Boo Ji-Young | South Korea

Dana Berman Duff | USA
Dana Berman Duff uses black-and-white 16mm to heighten the staged romanticism of a commercial catalogue’s dreamily desaturated photos of designer furniture knock-offs.

A Ceremony for a Friend
Kaveh Ebrahimpour | Iran
Having decided that their comrade Mansour has « gone too far, » a group of friends resolve to hang him. As they discuss details of the coming execution, the condemned is graciously allowed the time to make a few last requests and accept his fate. A subversive, deadpan comic attack on the absurdity of moral policing.

Dana Gingras | Canada

Chamber Drama
Jeffrey Zablotny | Canada

Charlie’s Country
Rolf de Heer | Australia
The great Australian actor David Gulpilil (Walkabout, Ten Canoes) won the Best Actor prize at Cannes’ Un Certain Regard for his majestic performance in this semi-autobiographical drama, about an aged Aborigine who journeys into the Outback to live in the traditional ways of his ancestors.

Chop My Money
Theo Anthony | Congo
Patient, Guillain and David have nothing to lose and everything to gain… so get the fuck out of their way. Director Theo Anthony’s vibrantly stylized doc follows three street kids in the Eastern Congo, who share their dreams and philosophies to the rhythm of Montreal-based musician Dirty Beaches.

Clouds of Sils Maria
Olivier Assayas | France/USA

The Cobbler
Thomas McCarthy | USA

Denis Poulin, Martine Époque | Canada

Coming Home
Zhang Yimou | China

Lee Do-yun | South Korea

The Connection
Cédric Jimenez | France/Belgium

Mathieu Denis | Canada

Crime Wave
John Paizs | Canada

The Crow’s Egg
M. Manikandan | India

Cruel Story of Youth
Nagisa Oshima | Japan

Jonas Govaerts | Belgium

Cut Bank
Matt Shakman | USA

Cut Snake
Tony Ayres | Australia
The past catches up with an ex-con who has rebuilt his life in a small Australian town, in this incendiary noir drama by Australian director Tony Ayres.

The Dark Horse
James Napier Robertson | New Zealand
A former speed-chess champion struggling with bipolar disorder (Cliff Curtis) takes over as coach of a chess team for at-risk youth, in the inspirational true story of New Zealand chess legend Genesis Potini.

Day 40
Sol Friedman | Canada
The story of Noah’s Ark has been told in countless ways, but few have ever envisioned the tale from the animals’ perspective. In this darkly comic and animated account, the assorted fauna reveal their decidedly unholy natures as the water rises ever higher.

The Dead Lands
Toa Fraser | New Zealand/United Kingdom
In this dazzling action epic set in pre-colonial New Zealand, the young son of a murdered tribal chieftain seeks vengeance on his family’s killers by learning the ancient Maori martial arts from a legendary warrior.

Peter Ho-sun Chan | China/Hong Kong

Deep Sleep
Basma Alsharif | Malta/Greece/France/Palestine
A transfixing performance film in which artist Basma Alsharif shoots footage in Athens, Malta and the « post-civilization » of the Gaza Strip while under self-hypnosis.

Del Ciego Desert
François Leduc | Canada

A Delusion of Grandeur
Vincent Biron | Canada

Detour de Force
Rebecca Baron | Austria/USA

Christophe M. Saber | Switzerland

Do I Sound Gay?
David Thorpe | USA

Don’t Breathe
Nino Kirtadzé | France

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2
Johnnie To | Hong Kong/China

Dragon Inn
King Hu | Taiwan

The Dragon is the Frame
Mary Helena Clark | USA

A Dream of Iron
Kelvin Kyung Kun Park | South Korea/USA

The Drop
Michaël R. Roskam | USA

The Duke of Burgundy
Peter Strickland | United Kingdom

Afia Nathaniel | Pakistan/USA/Norway

Mia Hansen-Løve | France

The Editor
Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks | Canada

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films
Mark Hartley | Australia

Elephant Song
Charles Binamé | Canada
Xavier Dolan, Bruce Greenwood and Catherine Keener star in this big-screen adaptation of the play by Nicolas Billon, about a psychiatrist who is drawn into a complex mind game when he questions a disturbed patient (Dolan) about the disappearance of a colleague.

The Encounter
Frieda Luk | Canada

Tony Elliott | Canada

Episode of the Sea
Lonnie van Brummelen, Siebren de Haan, the inhabitants of Urk | Netherlands

Escobar: Paradise Lost
Andrea Di Stefano | France/Spain/Belgium

The Equalizer
Antoine Fuqua | USA
An ex-CIA agent (Denzel Washington) uses his lethal skills to protect an imperilled young woman (Chloë Grace Moretz) from the Russian mob, in this hard-edged big-screen adaptation of the cult’80s TV show from director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day).

everything & everything & everything
Alberto Roldan | USA

Eye & Mermaid
Shahad Ameen | Qatar/Saudi Arabia
Burning with curiosity about where her father finds the stunning black pearls he regularly brings back from his fishing trips, young Hanan trails the men when they set out to sea. A darkly lyrical tale that teaches that those things we most cherish – beauty, freedom, riches – may come at a terrible cost.

An Eye for Beauty
Denys Arcand | Canada

The Face Of An Angel
Michael Winterbottom | United Kingdom

Far From Men
David Oelhoffen | France
In this gritty tale of survival adapted from a short story by Albert Camus, a reclusive teacher (Viggo Mortensen) helps a villager accused of murder (Reda Kateb, Un prophète) escape into the mountains during the Algerian War.

The Farewell Party
Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit | Germany/Israel
A devoted elderly couple living in a Jerusalem retirement home is faced with a pair of devastating challenges that threaten to divide them after decades of marriage.

Jordan Tannahill | Canada

Festival 2014 Grolsch People’s Choice Award

Felix and Meira
Maxime Giroux | Canada
A young married woman from Montreal’s Orthodox Jewish community finds freedom from the strictures of her faith through her relationship with a young man who is mourning the death of his estranged father.

Raha Shirazi | Canada/Italy

Fires on the Plain
Shinya Tsukamoto | Japan

Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere
Diep Hoang Nguyen | Vietnam

Force Majeure
Ruben Östlund | Sweden/Norway/Denmark/France

Foreign Body
Krzysztof Zanussi | Poland/Italy/Russia

The Forger
Philip Martin | USA

Bennett Miller | USA
Two brothers, both former Olympic wrestling champions (Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo) become involved in a fateful and fatal friendship with a neurotic millionaire (Steve Carell), in this true-life drama from director Bennett Miller (Capote, Moneyball) that is already one of the year’s most buzzed-about films.

Mijke de Jong | Netherlands

From What is Before
Lav Diaz | Philippines

On the eve of Marcos’ proclamation of martial law, a small village is visited by a series of strange, perhaps supernatural occurrences, in the new film from Filipino master Lav Diaz (Norte, the End of History).

The Gate
Régis Wargnier | France/Belgium/Cambodia
Two decades after forging an unlikely alliance in Pol Pot’s Cambodia, a French ethnologist and a former Khmer Rouge official meet again after the latter is arrested for crimes against humanity, in this searing drama from top French director Régis Wargnier (Indochine, East/West).

Gemma Bovery
Anne Fontaine | France

Mikael Marcimain | Sweden

German Shepherd
Nils Bergendal | Sweden
As a Jew growing up in Baltimore, David Paul’s vision of Germany (and Germans) was shaped by the stories of his Holocaust-survivor mother; later in life, he reflects on whether it is possible to overcome this history. Simple in aesthetics yet potent in philosophical introspection, this animated documentary poses difficult questions about the human capacity to forgive unimaginably evil acts.

Gett, The Trial of Viviane Amsalem
Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz | France/Germany/Israel
An Israeli woman seeking to finalize her divorce from her cruel and manipulative husband finds herself effectively put on trial by her country’s religiously-based marriage laws, in this riveting drama from sibling directors Shlomi and Ronit Elkabetz.

Ivan Reitman | USA

A Girl At My Door
July Jung | South Korea

Céline Sciamma | France
Céline Sciamma (Water Lilies, Tomboy) returns to the Festival with this raw, raucous but tender look at a group of black high school students living in the tough banlieues of Paris.

The Goat
John Trengove | South Africa
After being subjected to a ritual circumcision intended to usher him into manhood and purge him of any homosexual desires, a young Xhosa teenager is painted white as a goat and isolated in a remote mountain hut, where his desperate desire to escape grows as his pain and panic mount.

The Goddess
Wu Yonggang | China

Connor Gaston | Canada

The Golden Era
Ann Hui | China/Hong Kong

Stefano Sollima | Italy

Good Kill
Andrew Niccol | USA
A troubled Air Force officer (Ethan Hawke) charged with directing drone strikes enters a moral minefield as the rationale for targeting purported terrorists becomes ever more murky, in this bold, challenging and timely drama from writer-director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Lord of War).

The Good Lie
Philippe Falardeau | USA

Goodbye to Language 3D
Jean-Luc Godard | France

Goodnight Mommy
Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala | Austria

The Great Man
Sarah Leonor | France

Recuperating in Paris after being wounded in Afghanistan, a French Foreign Legion soldier (Jérémie Renier, L’Enfant, Summer Hours) is reunited with the man who saved his life – and unexpectedly finds himself able to repay his debt when he is compelled to take care of the man’s young son.

Groundhog Day
Harold Ramis | USA

Tor Fruergaard | Denmark

The Grump
Dome Karukoski | Finland

The Guest
Adam Wingard | USA

Pat Mills | Canada

Zhang Lu | South Korea

Shim Sung-Bo | South Korea

A Hard Day
Kim Seong-hun | South Korea

Andrea Dorfman | Canada

Heaven Knows What
Benny Safdie, Joshua Safdie | USA/France

Hector and the Search for Happiness
Peter Chelsom | Germany/Canada

A dissatisfied London psychiatrist (Simon Pegg) embarks on a continent-crossing trip to discover the secret of happiness, in this globe-trotting comedy that also features Rosamund Pike, Toni Collette, Stellan Skarsgard, Jean Reno and Christopher Plummer.
High Society
High Society
Julie Lopes Curval | France

Class barriers threaten the budding romance of two young lovers striving to realize their artistic ambitions.

Hill of Freedom
Hong Sang-soo | South Korea

Martin Edralin | Canada

Horse Money
Pedro Costa | Portugal
The follow-up to the director’s landmark Fontainhas trilogy (Ossos, In Vanda’s Room, Colossal Youth), the highly anticipated new film by Portuguese auteur Pedro Costa reunites with Colossal Youth’s Ventura, who is lost in heartrending indeterminacy as revolution breaks out.

Human Highway (Director’s Cut)
Bernard Shakey, Dean Stockwell, Neil Young | USA

The Humbling
Barry Levinson | USA

Hungry Hearts
Saverio Costanzo | Italy

Gerard Johnson | United Kingdom
A ruthless undercover cop tries to rescue a young Albanian woman sold into sexual slavery, in this gritty thriller set in London.

I Am Here
Fan Lixin | China

I am not Lorena
Isidora Marras | Chile/Argentina

I’m in the Corner with the Bluebells
Ako Mitchell | United Kingdom

Amid the cheery chaos of a family gathering, Julie, happily married and a loving mother, meets her half-brother for the first time. Julie’s unexpected feelings towards him are surprisingly not altogether unwelcome – a predicament not lost on anyone present.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Serhat Karaaslan | Turkey

In this delightful tale of desire and dogged determination, the rare arrival of an ice-cream man in his small village spurs eleven-year-old Rojhat into action: dodging his angry mother at every turn, Rojhat is set on securing the coveted sweet treat no matter what.

Amanda Strong | Canada

Santiago Menghini | Canada

Mario Martone | Italy

The Imitation Game
Morten Tyldum | USA/United Kingdom

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as brilliant Cambridge mathematician, cryptanalyst and pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing, who spearheaded the Enigma code-breaking operation during World War II and was later persecuted by the British government for his homosexuality.
An Immortal Man
An Immortal Man
Josh Koury, Myles Kane | USA

Baseball legend Ted Williams lived his life in the public eye, but his story took a strange turn upon his death and subsequent preservation (contrary to the instructions in his will) via cryostasis. In this fascinating investigative documentary, filmmakers Josh Koury and Myles Kane uncover the familial machinations that resulted in Williams being quite literally frozen in time.

Jyoti Mistry | South Africa
Investigating the gruesome murder of a cabinet minister’s daughter, a special investigator and a local police detective find themselves knee-deep in political corruption and conspiracy, in this sizzling noir thriller set in post-apartheid South Africa.

In Comparison
Harun Farocki | Germany/Austria
This contemplative documentary by the late, great filmmaker Harun Farocki compares different methods of brick production in cultures around the world.

In Her Place
Albert Shin | Canada/South Korea

In the Crosswind
Martti Helde | Estonia

Infinitely Polar Bear
Maya Forbes | USA

The Innocents
Jean-Paul Kelly | Canada

Jakrawal Nilthamrong | Thailand

The Intruder
Shariff Korver | Netherlands

Iraqi Odyssey
Samir | Iraq/Switzerland/Germany/United Arab Emirates

It Follows
David Robert Mitchell | USA

Itsi Bitsi
Ole Christian Madsen | Denmark/Croatia/Sweden

Lisandro Alonso | Denmark/USA/Argentina/Mexico/Netherlands/Germany/France

Journey to the West
Tsai Ming-liang | France/Taiwan

The Judge
David Dobkin | USA

Joel Lamangan | Philippines

Kabukicho Love Hotel
Ryuichi Hiroki | Japan

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet
Roger Allers, Gaëtan Brizzi, Paul Brizzi, Joan Gratz, Mohammed Saeed Harib, Tomm Moore, Nina Paley, Bill Plympton, Joann Sfar, Michal Socha | Canada/France/Lebanon/Qatar/USA

Kajutaijuq: The Spirit That Comes
Scott Brachmayer | Canada

The Keeping Room
Daniel Barber | USA

Kill Me Three Times
Kriv Stenders | Australia

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness
Mami Sunada | Japan

Labyrinth of Lies
Giulio Ricciarelli | Germany

Douglas Boswell | Belgium

Lynn Shelton | USA

The Last Day of Summer
Feike Santbergen | Netherlands

The Last Five Years
Richard LaGravenese | USA

Last Night
Arlen Konopaki | Canada

James Ford Murphy | USA

Learning to Drive
Isabel Coixet | USA

The Lesson
Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov | Bulgaria/Greece

Letters to Max
Eric Baudelaire | France

Andrey Zvyaginstev | Russia

Life in a Fishbowl
Baldvin Zophoníasson | Iceland/Finland/Sweden/Czech Republic

Yassmina Karajah | Canada/Lebanon
Devastated by the death of his newborn son, a Lebanese man living in an adopted country is challenged by his mother’s request that he perform Islamic pre-burial rituals in the confines of a hospital. Avoiding melodrama, Yassmina Karajah delivers a deeply affecting story about culture, loss, and devotion.

Elizabeth Lazebnik | Canada

Hamy Ramezan, Rungano Nyoni | Denmark/Finland
A foreign woman in a burqa brings her young son to a Copenhagen police station to file a complaint against her abusive husband, but the translator assigned to her seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words. A tense, diamond-hard film about cultural isolation and bureaucratic ignorance.

A Little Chaos
Alan Rickman | United Kingdom

The Little Death
Josh Lawson | Australia

The Look of Silence
Joshua Oppenheimer | Denmark/Indonesia/Norway/Finland/United Kingdom

Los Hongos
Oscar Ruiz Navia | Colombia/Argentina/France/Germany

Love in the Time of Civil War
Rodrigue Jean | Canada

Luk’Luk’I : Mother
Wayne Wapeemukwa | Canada

Luis Ortega | Argentina

Dave McKean | United Kingdom

Lunar Almanac
Malena Szlam | Canada/Chile

Madame Bovary
Sophie Barthes | United Kingdom/Belgium

Magical Girl
Carlos Vermut | Spain

Sergei Loznitsa | Ukraine/Netherlands

David Gordon Green | USA

Maps to the Stars
David Cronenberg | Canada/Germany

Batin Ghobadi | Kurdistan

Margarita, with a Straw
Shonali Bose | India

Mary Kom
Omung Kumar | India

Mavericks Conversation With Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua
The director and star of the Festival Gala Presentation The Equalizer join us to discuss their reunion after their Oscar-winning collaboration on Training Day.

Mavericks Conversation With Jon Stewart
The Daily Show host discusses the story behind his debut feature Rosewater, which tells the true story of journalist Maziar Bahari’s five-month imprisonment in Iran after his appearance on Stewart’s show.

Mavericks Conversation With Juliette Binoche
One of the most beloved and honoured actors in contemporary cinema joins us to discuss an extraordinary career that has taken her from Godard to Godzilla.

Mavericks Conversation With Reese Witherspoon
The Academy Award winner joins us for this special onstage conversation on the occasion of the Festival premieres of her highly anticipated new films Wild and The Good Lie.

Mavericks Conversation With Richard Gere
The producer and star of this year’s Festival premiere Time Out of Mind sits down to discuss his four-decade career as movie star, sex symbol, political activist and devoted Tibetan Buddhist.

Mavericks Conversation With Robert Duvall
The legendary, Academy Award-winning actor and director joins us on the occasion of the Festival premiere of his new film The Judge.

May Allah Bless France!
Abd Al Malik | France
French rapper, author, and spoken word artist Abd Al Malik makes his directorial debut with this adaptation of his 2004 autobiography, chronicling his upbringing in the crime- and drug-ridden streets of Strasbourg and his life-changing encounters with hip hop and religion.

Me and My Moulton
Torill Kove | Canada/Norway

Meet Me in Montenegro
Alex Holdridge, Linnea Saasen | USA/Germany/Norway

Men Who Save The World
Liew Seng Tat | Malaysia/Netherlands/Germany/France

Men, Women & Children
Jason Reitman | USA
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