Festival international du Film Fantastique de Bruxelles – BIFFF 2017
35ème édition. Présidente du Jury : Euzhan Palcy.



Another Evil
At the End of the Tunnel
Autopsy of Jane Doe (The)
Bad Black
Bad Cat
Bar (The)
Beyond the Gates
Big Everything (The)
Boy Missing
Bride (The)
Call of Heroes
Caravane du Cafard (La)
Chamber (The)
Child Eater
Children of the Night
Cold Hell
Cold War 2
Come and find me
Courts Mais Trash
Dark Song (A)
Dead Man tells his own tale
Death Note : Light up the new world
Director’s Cut
Don’t kill it
Don’t knock twice
Dream Demon
Eat Local
Escape Room
Eyes of my Mother (The)
Fantôme de Canterville (Le)
Forgotten Scares : An in-depth look at the Flemish horror cinema
Free Fire
From a House on Willow Street
From Vegas to Macau
From Vegas to Macau II
From Vegas to Macau III
Gantz : 0
Girl with all the gifts (The)
Happy Hunting
Hentaï Kamen : the abnormal crisis
Hidden Reserves
Holy Biker
I’m a Cyborg, but that’s Ok
Icebreaker (The)
Innocent Curse
Invisible Guest (The)
Johnny Frank Garrett’s last word
Kill Command
Kung Fu Yoga
Lady Vengeance
Late Shift // 2nd screening
Limehouse Golem (The)
Meatball Machine Kodoku
Memoirs of a Murderer
Mermaid (The)
Message from the King
Missing You
Mon Ange
My Father Die
Neil Stryker and the tyrant of time
Nick : Off Duty
Night of Something Strange
Night Watchmen (The)
Oath (The)
Operation Mekong
Orbiter 9
Prison (The)
Psycho Raman
Re: Born
Safe Neighborhood
Saving Sally
Serpent aux mille coupures (Le)
Small Town Killers
Smoke and Mirrors
Sori, Voice from the Heart
Soul Copyright
Storm : letters van vuur
Swiss Army Man
Tarde para la ira
This Giant Papier-Mache Boulder is actually really heavy
Tonight She Comes
Top secret : Murder in mind (The)
Under the Shadow
Unkindness of Ravens (The)
Vampire Cleanup Department
Vanishing Time : A Boy Who Returned
Village of no return (The)
Void (The)
We Go On
White Coffin
White King (The)
Will you be there ?
Yeux sans visage (Les)

Sci Fi Short Films
cine3 – 14/04/2017 18:00

Out of Competition

a film by Tom Teller
Cast: Jason Tobias, Julia Farino, Thurston Hill
Screenplay: Andrew Guastaferro
Music: Ryan Stratton
D.O.P.: Nico Aguilar
SFX: Tom Teller
Version: O.V.
2016 / 19 min. 59 / U.S.A.
Contact: [email protected]
When Chris’ mother wants to repair a broken satellite in orbit around Mars, something goes wrong. He comes to the rescue.

They will all die in Space
a film by Javier Chillon
Cast: Francesc Garrido, Julio Perillan, Ben Temple
Screenplay: Javier Chillon
Music: Cirilo Fernandez
D.O.P.: Luis Fuentes
SFX: User T38
Version: Eng. O.V., Fre. st
2015 / 14 min. 50 / Spain
Contact: [email protected]
The spaceship Tantalus has gotten off course and is wandering aimlessly through space.

The App
a film by Julian Merino
Cast: Carlos Areces, Hugo Silva, Luis Zahera, Aino Sirje
Screenplay: Julian Merino & Karin Wolf
Music: Luis Hernaiz
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Spain
Contact: [email protected]
An app which tells you what to do to be happy, even if it’s mortally dangerous!

Man in the Moon
a film by Monique Mulcahy
Cast: Pauline Grace, JC Innamorati
Screenplay: Monique Mulcahy
Music: Stuart Cullen
D.O.P.: Eric Maddison
Version: O.V.
2016 / 13 min. 17 / Australia
Contact: [email protected]
The alienation between a mother and her son gets a cosmic dimension.

a film by Aleix Castro Marin
Cast: Julia Estarnell, Edgar Moreno
Screenplay: Aleix Castro Marin
Music: Daniel Poza & Pablo Suarez
Version: O.V., Eng. & Fre. st
2016 / 10 min. / Spain
Contact: [email protected]
In the near future, an implant drastically changes the nature of work.

Orbital Inn
a film by Pierre-Alain M’Barga
Cast: Pauline Lefèvre, Olivier Raynal, Aurore Erguy, Noah Labastie
Screenplay: Pierre-Alain M’Barga, Nirina Ralanto, Jérôme Armand & Benoît Taltasse
D.O.P.: Romuald Riffaud
Version: Eng. O.V., Fre. st
2016 / 15 min. / France
Contact: [email protected]
2076, 24 billion Earthlings. To avoid the worst, no one is allowed to have children anymore.

F Meat
a film by Sean Bell
Cast: Ivan Kants, Harry Pavlidis
Screenplay: Sean Bell & Jeremiah Galea
Music: Alison Cole
Version: O.V.
2016 / 18 min. / Australia
Contact: [email protected]
There’s a funny smell to the revolutionary new food for vegetarians.

Green Light
a film by Kim Seong-min
Screenplay: Kim Seong-min
Music: Lim Jeong-up
Version: No dialogue
2016 / 15 min. 33 / South Korea
Contact: [email protected]
The ecosystem was destroyed by nuclear war. Young Mari tries to save what she can. And then, one day, she meets a broken robot-soldier.

International Short Films
cine3 – 09/04/2017 18:00

Hors compétition

The Cleansing Hour
a film by Damien LeVeck
Cast: Sam Jaeger, Heather Morris, Neil Grayston, Jonny Radtke
Version: O.V.
2016 / 18 min. / U.S.A.
Contact: [email protected]
The creators of a popular but fake live web series about an exorcist are going to have to deal with a real demon on set!

a film by Angel Gomez Hernandez
Cast: Macarena Gomez, Lone Fleming, Javier Botet
Screenplay: Angel Gomez Hernandez
Music: Oscar Araujo
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Spain
Contact: [email protected]
Arianne will have to fight something far worse than her most frightening nightmares!

a film by Goran Spoljaric
Cast: Zia Electric, Chris Savva, David Hugh Macrae
Screenplay: Goran Spoljaric
Music: Paul Dawkins
Version: O.V., Fre. st
2016 / 12 min. / Australia
Contact: [email protected]
A mutated woman is kept prisoner in a cellar and tries to escape.

a film by Fran Vidal
Cast: Diego Cooper, Alan Alarcon, Cecilia Areas
Screenplay: Fran Vidal
Music: Pablo Sauti
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 16 min. / Mexico
Contact: [email protected]
A man wakes up with amnesia and is offered a pill which will make him remember… or forget!

a film by Fernando Gonzalez Gomez
Cast: Niko Verona, Maggie Civantos, Fernando Tielve, Ramiro Blas, Marcial Alvarez
Screenplay: Fernando Gonzalez Gomez
Editing: Fernando Gonzalez Gomez
Music: Alf Garret & Iker Arranz
D.O.P.: Helher Escribano
SFX: Alex Diez
Version: O.V., Eng. & Fre. st
2017 / 19 min. / Spain
Contact: [email protected]
Daniel is walking in the burning son on a road with almost no traffic.
This is not something he can keep up.

a film by David Coudyser
Cast: Guillaume Briat, Sandra Dorset, Clara Camblor, Sarah Amsellem
Screenplay: David Coudyser, based upon a short story by Tim Corey
Editing: David Coudyser
Music: Valérian Cadici
D.O.P.: Benjamin Minel
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 7 min. / France
Contact: [email protected]
What would you do if a couple knocked on your door and just waltzed in asking about George. But who’s George and what do they want?

Tunnelen (The Tunnel)
a film by André Ovredal
Cast: Kyrre Haugen Sydness, Siri Helene Müller-Osborne, Max Amundsen, Maria J. Dingsoyr-Henriksen, Ella Glenton Schjerven, Joachim Cossais
Screenplay: André Ovredal, adaptation of The Tunnel Ahead, by Alice Glaser
Music: Johannes Ringen
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 12 min. / Norway
Contact: [email protected]
An overpopulated future asks for radical solutions. That’s what a family will find out when they get stuck in traffic.

a film by Blake Mawson
Cast: Alex Ozerov, Juliana Semenova, Max Rositsan, Justin Strazzanti
Screenplay: Blake Mawson
Music: Konrad Black
Version: Rus. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Canada
Contact: [email protected]
Pyotr is gay and falls into a trap set up by homophobes. But he has a secret his captors won’t like.

European Short Films – Competition
cine3 – 08/04/2017 12:30

a film by Vicente Bonet
Cast: Nikita Yashchuk, Sofia Feord
Screenplay: Abdon Alcaniz
Editing: Vicente Bonet
Music: Francis Hernandez & Pablo Cebrian
D.O.P.: Guillem Oliver
SFX: Onirikal s.l.
Version: Rus. & Spa. O.V., Fre. st
20 16 / 23 min. / Spain
Contact: [email protected]
Due to a technical failure, the first cosmonaut in space can not return to Earth. And then he hears an unknown voice on the intercom.

Dawn of the deaf
a film by Rob Savage
Cast: Caroline Ward, Stephen Collins
Screenplay: Rob Savage
Music: Patrick Jonsson
Version: British Sign O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 12 min. / U.K.
Contact: [email protected]
When a strange sound eradicates the hearing, the deaf must band together in order to survive.

Bon Appétit
a film by Erenik Beqiri
Cast: Arben Bajraktaraj, Romir Zalla, Ema Andrea, Elvin Minaj
Screenplay: Erenik Beqiri
Music: Moby & Rael Hoxha
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 18 min. / Albania
Contact: [email protected]
A man enters an abandoned building. A waiter welcomes him to a special and very exclusive dinner.

Siyah Cember (Black Ring)
a film by Hasan Can Dagli
Cast: Turgay Dogan, Dounia Jauneaud, Sait Erol, Yuce Eser
Screenplay: Hasan Can Dagli, Turgay Dogan & Cem Ozuduru
Music: David Kiledjian
Version: No dialogue, Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Turkey
Contact: [email protected]
A mysterious encounter in an abandoned house.

When demons die
a film by Daniel Ruebesam
Cast: Jonathan Ohlrogge, Crispian Belfrage
Screenplay: Daniel Ruebesam
Music: Jasmin Reuter
Version: Eng. O.V.
2016 / 18 min. / Germany
Contact: [email protected]
An 8-year old boy has never set foot outside his house, because dangerous creatures are preying on him.
The Belgian short, winner the day before…

Drip Drop
a film by Jonna Nilsson
Cast: Siham Shurafa
Screenplay: Fredrik Myrtell
Music: Benny Persson
D.O.P.: Joachim Heden
SFX: Truls Berlin
Version: Eng. O.V.
2016 / 8 min. / Sweden
Contact: [email protected]
No more water in the house. And then it comes out of the tap again… but in a different shape!

a film by Jules Janaud & Fabrice Le Nézet
Cast: Mbissine Thérèse Diop, Issaka Sawadogo, Bass Dhem, Lazare Minoungou, Ibrahim Darboe, Joahkim Sigué, Ablaye Bathily
Screenplay: Jules Janaud & Fabrice Le Nézet
Editing: Jules Janaud & Fabrice Le Nézet
Music: Raphaël Martinez Bachel
D.O.P.: Xavier Dolléans
Version: Wollot O.V., Fre. st
2017 / 17 min. / France
Contact: [email protected]
Jawak lives together with a strange animal of which he takes good care. He prepares his vengeance.

13th Belgian Film Day : Short Films
cine3 – 07/04/2017 12:30

Awards / Jury
The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (the BIFFF) remains a staunch supporter and promotor of short features.
The following prizes will be attributed:
the Silver Méliès of the shortfilm selection will be given by the audience on Saturday 8 April, 12:30am
the Grand Prize of the Festival (the Michel Devillers Award and the Fedex Award)
a Sabam Award, a BeTV Award and a La Trois Award.
a Youth Jury (composed of the winners of a scriptwriting contest organized by the Confederation Parascolaire) will also award a short feature

The Short Film Competition is organised with the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Belgian Competition

Rabbid Jacob
a film by Donovan Alonso-Garcia
Cast: Camille de Leu, Pierre Nisse, Olivier Bonjour, Dan Sluijzer, Kevin Dudjasienski
Screenplay: Donovan Alonso-Garcia
Editing: Donovan Alonso-Garcia & Thomas Vanthuyne
Music: Jérôme Gaillard
D.O.P.: Romain Ferrand
Version: Fre. O.V.
2017 / 20 min. / Belgium/France
Contact: http://insolenceproductions.com
Two meteorites crash on Brussels. Jacob has just enough time to restore law and order.

a film by Charlotte Dewulf
Cast: Tiemen Van Haver, Celine Verbeeck, Joren Seldeslachts, Carry Geossens
Screenplay: Charlotte Dewulf
Music: Hans Mullens
D.O.P.: Bart Van Otterdijk
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
In this world you have to drink words if you want to talk. But you have to pay for it.

Stacey en de Alien
a film by Nelson Polfliet
Cast: Renée Vervaet, Ineke Nijssen, Anouk Fortunier
Screenplay: Nelson Polfliet
Editing: Nelson Polfliet & Joppe Van Den Brande
Music: Duchka Walraet
D.O.P.: Victor Maes
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. 04 / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
Stacey’s mum is dead. In order to cope, she turns her world into an alternate universe where cheerleaders and aliens pop up at every corner.

a film by Boris Sverlow
Cast: Marieke Dilles, Maarten Ketels
Screenplay: Boris Sverlow & Johan Verschueren
Editing: Boris Sverlow
Music: Frederik van de Moortel
D.O.P.: Jonas Wellens & Paul Delissen
SFX: Jonas Wellens, Paul Delissen, Boris Sverlow & Alain Maessen
Version: Eng. O.V.
2016 / 15 min. 17 / Belgium/Netherlands
Contact: [email protected]
The quest for eternal youth creates serious side-effects that achieve exactly the opposite.


a film by Lieven Vanhove
Cast: Sarah Eisa, Geert Vandyck
Screenplay: Lieven Vanhove
Music: Adriaan Swerts
D.O.P.: Marc Van Acker
SFX: Tim Vandekerckhove, Pieter Swusten & Raf Schoenmakers
Version: No dialogue
2016 / 16 min. / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
A man searches for the ultimate solution to save his wife from an imminent breakdown.

a film by Lora D’Addazio
Cast: Sarah Lefèvre, Sarah Messens, Eve Lousa Oppo
Screenplay: Lora D’Addazio
Editing: Lora D’Addizio
Music: Nicolas Grombeer
D.O.P.: Lora D’addazio
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 6 min. 37 / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
Juliette finds herself in a car with two queen bees who pay no attention whatsoever to the road.

This is how I disappear
a film by Domien Huyghe
Cast: Violet Braeckman, Gilda de Bal, Jaela Cole, Sam Bogaerts
Screenplay: Domien Huyghe
Editing: David Verdurme
Music: Bart van Lierde
D.O.P.: Jurgen Willocx
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 16 min. 53 / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
In the near future all diseases have been eradicated and euthanasia at 65 is obligatory. But when a young woman is diagnosed with a genetic defect, it’s a lot harder to let go of life.

Patient Zéro
a film by Lars Damoiseaux
Cast: Brenda Bertin, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts, Johan Dekeyser, Annick Christiaens, Adil El Arbi, Sieber Marly
Screenplay: Lars Damoiseaux & Eveline Hagenbeek
Music: Hannes De Maeyer
Version: Eng. & Pol. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 3 min. / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
An aesthetic rejuvenation trial goes wrong in a Polish hospital.

Downside Up
a film by Peter Ghesquiere
Cast: Tineke Van Haute, Peter Janssens, Nico Sturm, Helene De Vos, Milo Huyghebaert
Screenplay: Peter Ghesquiere, Nicolas Daenens, Jochen Decostere & Kobe Van Steenberghe
Editing: Jochen Decostere, Toon Mertens & Kobe Van Steenberghe
Music: Hannes De Maeyer
D.O.P.: Robrecht Heyvaert
SFX: Hans Lettany
Version: Ned. O.V., Fre. st
2016 / 15 min. / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
In a world where everybody has Down’s syndrome, a « normal » boy like Eric certainly stands out.

a film by Emma Spook & Gil Gloom
Cast: David Mora, Leslie Mahler, David Zella, Yvan Delatour, Héloïse Lecouvey
Screenplay: Emma Spook & Gil Gloom
Editing: Pauline Vergne & Fred Cavender
Music: Karél Psota & Punish Yourself
D.O.P.: Thomas Pantalacci
SFX: Jean-Christophe Spadaccini
Version: Eng. O.V., Fre. st
2016 / 11 min. / Belgium/France
Contact: [email protected]
When a demonic entity called Darken meets a family of Trump supporters…

Belgian out of competition

Le Chevalier Blanc (The White Knight)
a film by Bernard Yerlès
Cast: Jean-Michel Vovk, Leatitia Reva, Jean-Louis Leclercq, Gabriel Almaer, Max Brébant, Fabrizio Rongione, Bernard Yerlès
Screenplay: Bernard Yerlès
Editing: Nourredine Zerrad
Music: David Callas
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 22 min. 12 / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
A small boy, a provincial railway station and a white knight. Three parallel stories linked with each other.

No offense
a film by Kris Borghs
Voice: Herwig Ilegems
Screenplay: Kris Borghs
Music: Senjan Jansen
Version: No dialogue
2016 / 6 min. 40 / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
Three comic-strip artists are condemned to death. One of them does not accept his fate.

En Face
a film by Jeanne Privat
Cast: Nicole Colchat, Bernard Graczyk
Screenplay: Jeanne Privat
Music: Gwenaël Grisi & Alban Cayrol
D.O.P.: Tom Durand
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
Rose spends her days spying on the neighbors. Ange, her husband, watches in silence, until…

Cruelle est la nuit
a film by Alan Deprez
Cast: Kevin Dudjasienski, Arnaud Bronsart, Bertrand Leplae, Pascal Gruselle, Sabrina Sweet, Pierre Nisse, Evangelyn Sougen, Michel Angély, Damien Marchal
Screenplay: Alan Deprez
Editing: Julien Jauniaux
Music: Klem Logan & Chris Marcus
D.O.P.: Nicolaos Zafiriou
SFX: Squid Lab
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 21 min. / Belgium
Contact: [email protected]
Three radical activists want to kill a despicable rich piece of filth and find themselves in the middle of an orgy.
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