Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2011
Pays concerné : Chine
Support : DigiBeta
Durée : 17 minutes
Genre : comédie
Type : fiction


Réalisateur : Amour Sauveur Memy
2011, Congo-Brazzaville, Chine, 17 min.


A satire in a Chinese setting but very ‘un-Chinese’. Director Amour tells the story of Lou who looks for work, but he needs to pass the HIV test fi rst. Not liking the idea, he naively thinks that by showing up at the interview with a child, perhaps the test is not required. Not married and with no child, Lou asked his girlfriend to « lend » him the child that she looks after. Little did he know, the interviewer turns out to be the child’s uncle. The uncle looks onto the nephew’s so-called « father » who is not the brother-in-law. A family turmoil is about to unfold.

An African joke packaged as a Chinese film. The actors were scouted on the streets and the makers have just graduated. Must have been fun to make.

‘Zut’ is a swear word for Francophones and also for the Congolese. Street talk, but not the very worst kind. You could say’zut’ instead of another much worse word – the difference between f*** with and without asterisks.
Lou, the protagonist of the film, has applied for a new job. To complete his file, he must be tested for HIV. The idea of doing the test does not appeal. So he asks his girlfriend to lend him a baby to pass as his own, and provide evidence that he is not infected. But Lou and his girlfriend do not reckon on the fact that someone might recognise the child at his new job. The boss of the company turns out to be the baby’s uncle.
A strange story, but the filmmaker has made a specialty of satirical comedies. The Chinese cast and crew found the story very original and completely un-Chinese, and thoroughly enjoyed working on the film. It looks like a Chinese feature, but the essence remains African.

Directed by Amour Sauveur Memy

Congo-Brazzaville, China, 2011, Mandarin with English subtitles, DigiBeta, 17 min, Short Film

Director: Amour Sauveur Memy
Scenario: Amour Sauveur Memy
Photography: Qun Chao
Editor: Amour Sauveur Memy
Producer: Amour Sauveur Memy
Sales : Amour Sauveur Memy
Distributor NL: International Film Festival Rotterdam
Length: 17′

2011 | 32nd Durban International Film Festival
* Raiding Africa Selection
Showtimes: 24 JULY 1:00pm ROYAL

2011 | IFFR, Rotterdam, Holland
* Signals: Raiding Africa
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