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MOYEN Métrage | 2009
Weapon of War
Pays concerné : République démocratique du Congo
Support : DVD
Durée : 59 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : documentaire


Le viol comme arme de guerre, au Congo.
Au Congo RDC, probablement des centaines de milliers de femmes et de filles ont été brutalement violées.

Dans WEAPON OF WAR des criminels militaires dévoilent les motivations et stratégies cachées dans l’usage du viol comme arme de guerre. Un ex-rebel explique comment il violait. Comme pour beaucoup d’autres, reprendre une vie de nouveau normale est un combat rempli de traumatisme. Dans une tentative pour se réconcilier avec son passé, il rencontre l’une de ses victimes. Le Captaine Basima travaille comme prêtre dans l’armée du Congo et se confronte aux violeurs. Il les presse de changer. Tout comme lui l’a fait en se repentant de ses viols criminels.

Un film réalisé et produit par Ilse & Femke VAN VELZEN

Thèmes : Société, Violation des droits humains, droits de l’homme, Sexualité, Violence


Weapon of War. Confessions of rape in Congo
Wherever war breaks out, men with guns rape. During the decades of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo possibly hundreds of thousands of women and girls were brutally raped.

In WEAPON OF WAR military perpetrators unveil what lies behind this brutal behavior and the strategies of rape as a war crime.

An ex-rebel explains how he raped. Like for many ex-soldiers, starting a normal life again is a struggle filled with trauma. In an attempt to reconcile with his past, he decides to meets one of his victims in an attempt to obtain forgiveness.
Captain Basima is working as a priest in Congo’s army and confronts perpetrators of rape. He urges them to change. Just like he did.

ILSE & FEMKE VAN VELZEN: Directors & Producers

NYNKE DOUMA: Field producer




Category: All, Current Affairs, Human Interest, Human Rights, Society, Sexuality, Violence

Year: 2009

Country: Netherlands

Running Time: 59′

With the former one « Fighting the Silence » and their Mobile Cinema Project I think they reached about 200.000 people in Congo, but « Weapon of War » will be followed by their project Educational film project for military in dr congo :

Target group
The project will be focused on the entire Congolese army. Sessions will be organised with brigades including military of different ranking. The age group roughly varies from 16 years old up to 45 years old. If possible some sessions will be organised in the camps that reintegrate ex-rebels into the army. In total it is estimated that between 27,000 and 45,000 military will be reached by the project, which equals 21 to 35% of the official effective of Congo’s army

Festivals & Awards

2009 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010 Dutch Film Awards
Won Golden Calf Award Best Short Documentary
The jury report stated that: « The documentary unambiguously shows that elementary human values disappear in extreme conditions. As viewers we witness the confrontation of people with their own actions. The film shows how they try to reconcile with both themselves and with their victims. This film is about the systematic rapes of women and children in Congo. By focusing the camera on the perpetrators and their attempts at self-insight, not only a shocking picture of war methods is revealed. It also shows the will to break through this horrendous cycle of violence. »

2010 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, USA

2010 Planet Doc Review, Poland
Won Amnesty International Award

2010 TRT International Documentary Film Competition, Turkey
Won Best Documentary International Category Award

2010 Addis Film Festival – Ethiopia Film Festival – Ethiopia

2010 Belgrade Documentary Film Festival, Serbia

2010 Dick Scherpenzeel Awards, Netherlands
Won Dick Scherpenzeel Award for Best Dutch Journalistic Production

2010 Movies that Matter Festival, Netherlands

2010 Botswana Film Festival, Botswana

2010 International Film Festival on Human Rights, Argentina

2010 International Film Festival and Forum on Human rights, Switzerland

2010 Human rights Film Festival, Norway

2010 International Documentary Film Festival, Mexico

2010 Human rights Film Festival, Jordan
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