Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2011
Dear Mandela
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Support : HDCAM
Durée : 90 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Quand leur bidonville est menacé par une procédure d’expulsion, trois « jeunes lions » de la nouvelle génération d’Afrique du Sud se lèvent pour défendre leur cadre de vie et saississent le gouvernement pour lui rappeler les promesses de démocratie.

Afrique du Sud / Etats-Unis 2011, anglais et zoulou sous-titré anglais, HDCAM, Blu Ray, DVD, 1h30 min

Réalisateurs : Dara Kell, Christopher Nizza


When their shantytowns are threatened with mass eviction, three ‘young lions’ of South Africa’s new generation rise from the shacks and take their government to the highest court in the land, putting the promises of democracy to the test.

South Africa, United States 2011, English and Zulu with English subtitles, HDCAM, Blu Ray, DVD, 90 min

When the South African government promises to « eradicate the slums » and begins evicting shack dwellers from their homes, three friends living in Durban’s vast shantytowns refuse to be moved. DEAR MANDELA follows their journey to the highest court in the land as they invoke Nelson Mandela’s example and become leaders in an inspiring social movement.
Mazwi, an enlightened schoolboy, Zama, an AIDS orphan and Mnikelo, a mischievous shopkeeper, are part of a new generation who feel betrayed by the broken promises of Mandela’s own political party, the African National Congress. They discover that the new innocuous-sounding ‘Slums Act’ legalizes the evictions and violates the rights enshrined in the country’s constitution. Determined to stop the evictions, with the help of pro bono lawyers, they challenge the act all the way to the Constitutional Court.
As Mandela’s portrait beams down from schoolroom chalkboards and shack walls, Mazwi, Zama and Mnikelo learn of the sacrifices that come with leadership. Devastating, inspiring and funny, DEAR MANDELA offers a fresh perspective on the youth’s role in a South Africa coming of age.
DIFF 2011, Durban

DEAR MANDELA theatrical trailer from Sleeping Giant on Vimeo.

Directors: Dara Kell, Christopher Nizza
Cinematographer: Matthew Peterson
Print Source: Fireworx Media

Dara Kell – Co-Director / Producer

Christopher Nizza – Co-Director / Producer

South African Co-Producer: Neil Brandt, Fireworx Media

Tina Brown – Co-Producer

Matthew Peterson – Director of Photography

Aaron Plantenga – Web Developer

Myah Williams – Intern

Ruth B. Cowan
Richard Pithouse
Pamela Yates
Willie Baptist

DEAR MANDELA is supported by:
The Sundance Documentary Film Program
New York State Council for the Arts
Chicken & Egg Pictures
Alter-Cine Foundation
Participant Media


2011 – 32nd DIFF – Durban International Film FestivalDurban
* Best South African Documentary
* World Premiere
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