Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2014
Veve – فاف
Date de sortie en France : 20/07/2014
Pays concerné : Kenya
Durée : 94 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Le film suit la vie de plusieurs personnages qui essaient de se trouver dans un monde d’intrigues politiques, de vengeance, d’amour et de nostalgie de succès sur fond d’activité illégale mais néanmoins prospère de « veve » (de l’herbe).

Un film de Simon Mukali

Kenya, 2013, Fiction – 1h35 minutes

avec Lowry Odhiambo, Emo Rugene, Lizz Njagah, Conrad Makeni,…

Réalisateur : Simon Mukali

Scénariste : Natasha Likimani

Image : Bella Halben

Musique : Matthias Petsche

Montage : Roselidah Taabu Obala

Son : Thomas Kalber
One Fine Day Films
Ginger Ink.

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2015 | 3rd edition of Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards 2015 (AMVCAs)
* Nominated for 3 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (Best Art Director, Best Indigenous Swahili and Best Video Editor)

2014 | 25ème session des Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage (JCC 2014) |du 29 novembre au 6 décembre 2014, à Tunis.
* Sélection – Compétition officielle Longs métrages
* Première Arabe / Arabian Premiere


The film revolves around four people who are interconnected by love triangles and business entanglements. Amos Munene (Lowry Odhiambo) is an ambitious MP in Meru who seeks to rise to the pinnacle of power in the country. Kenzo (Emo Rugene) is a young thug who is out to seek revenge against Amos for an unforgivable evil he committed in the past. Esther (Lizz Njagah) is Lowry’s wife. She crosses paths with Kenzo and ends up igniting a romantic flame that reveals the true nature of her husband. Sammy (Conrad Makeni) is Lowry’s faithful handy man, a cog in Lowry’s political scheming, who is struggling to build a new life after the death of his wife.

Veve begins on a slightly sketchy note as it introduces its characters one by one. But as soon as the relationships between the characters are defined, the movie acquires a bundle of explosive energy that boils down to a delightful mix of mind games and thrilling action sequences. The movies integration of miraa politics in the storyline is worth a thumbs-up and moreover its realistic depiction of rural traditions when handling communal business. Conrad’s performance as Sammy won the applause of the audience as he emulated a typically bossy right wing man with little regard for social status?

A film by Simon Mukali

Kenya, 2013, Fiction – 95 minutes

Starring: Lowry Odhiambo, Emo Rugene, Lizz Njagah, Conrad Makeni,…

Director: Simon Mukali

Screenplay: Natasha Likimani

Cinematography: Bella Halben

Music: Matthias Petsche

Editor: Roselidah Taabu Obala

Sound: Thomas Kalber

Feature film produced by One Fine Day Films & Ginger Ink.

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يروي الفيلم قصة أربعة شخصيات يحاولون شق طريقهم في عالم تملأه المؤامرات السياسية و الإنتقام والحنين الى النجاح

2013 – كينيا

روائي – 95 دق

الجوائز والتكريمات : Première Arabe

إخراج : سيمون موكالي

سيناريو : ناتاشا ليكيماني

صورة : بالا هلبن

موسيقى : ماتياس بتش

تركيب : روزاليدا تابو أوبالا

صوت : توماس كالبار

[email protected] : البريد الالكتروني

Summary for official catalogs : VEVE follows the lives of multiple characters trying to find themselves in a world of political intrigue, revenge, love and longings for success complemented by the background of the thriving yet unregulated veve business. Amos, an ambitious politician, is running for another term as Maua MP whilst facing his opponent Wadu in the extension of his veve empire. His wife Esther discovers the true nature of his affairs and seeks solace in Kenzo, a conflicted young man out to seek vengeance for his father’s death. Sammy, Amos’ right hand man, has to choose between being loyal to his work and being a caring father to his 12-year-old son Kago. Maua’s Veve Farmers want to farm a union to force Amos to pay decent prices for their veve. Clint, a hedonistic wannabe documentary filmmaker meddles to far, blind of the dangers he is putting himself and others into. All are in search of purpose not knowing, that their destinies are entwined in more ways than they imagin
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