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LONG Métrage | 2016
Quand Paul traversa la mer (When Paul came over the sea)
Titre original : Als Paul über das Meer kam [Original Title]
Pays concerné : Cameroun
Durée : 97 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Paul Nkamani a quitté son pays le Cameroun et est arrivé sur la côte marocaine après une longue et dangereuse traversée du désert. C’est ici que Paul rencontre le documentariste allemand Jakob Preuss. Leurs chemins se séparent et se recroisent au fil des trajectoires de chacun.

Un film de Jacob PREUSS

Allemagne / Cameroun, 2016, documentaire, 1h37mn

Titre original (allemand) : Als Paul über das Meer kam

2017 | 12ème Festival Escales documentaires de Libreville 2017 | Gabon | 20-25 nov 2017
* Sélection – Compétition
En présence de la monteuse


When Paul came over the sea
Paul has made his way from his home in Cameroon across the Sahara to the Moroccan coast where he now lives in a forest waiting for the right moment to cross the Mediterranean. This is where he meets Jakob, a filmmaker from Berlin, who is filming along Europe’s borders. Soon afterwards, Paul manages to cross over to Spain on a rubber boat. He survives – but half of his companions die on this tragic 50-hour odyssey. Held for two months in a deportation centre, upon his release Paul meets Jakob again at a shelter for migrants in Southern Spain. When Paul decides to continue on to Germany, Jakob has to make a choice: will he become an active part of Paul’s pursuit of a better life or remain a detached documentary filmmaker?

A film by Jacob PREUSS

Germany / Cameroon, 2016, documentary, 1h37mn

Original Title: Als Paul über das Meer kam

Format: Made for Cinema
Runtime: 52/97 min
Category: Documentary
Language: German, French, Spanish
Subtitled Versions: English, French
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Genre: Africa, Society, Human Nature, Politics

Director: Jakob Preuss
Production: Weydemann Bros. GmbH

Broadcaster: ZDF

Sales contact: [email protected]

Festivals & Awards
Escales documentaires de Libreville, Gabon (2017)
Rotterdam IFF, The Netherlands (2017)
Competition, Festival Max Ophüls Preis, Germany (2017)
« Golden Goblet » Shanghai IFF, China (2017)
Winner, Cloe Up Bergamo Film Meeteing, Italy (2017)
Krakow FF, Poland (2017)
Comepetition, DocuDays, Ukraine (2017)

Theatrical Release Germany Aug 2017 (Farbfilm)
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