Fiche Film
Outer World
Pays concerné : Kenya
Durée : 6 minutes
Genre : science fiction
Type : fiction


film réalisé pour l’édition 2019 du Africa nouveau festival (Nairobi)


Film shot for the Africa Nouveau Festival, a music & arts festival congregating creators, curators & fans from all over Africa & it’s diaspora.

The 2019 edition is a chance to step into a new dimension and explore our theme, ‘Outer World Beings’ and their relationships with Africans during 3 days and 3 nights of:

– live music and film screenings from around the continent
– fashion and food markets
– art and architecture installations
– virtual reality games developed in collaboration with artists, musicians and game developers from Kenya and Germany with the Goethe Institut

A camping area with tents and utilities set up will be available to reserve.

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