Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2000
Chambre à louer (Room to rent)
Titre original : Una cama a cualquier precio [Spain]
Date de sortie en France : 22/08/2001
Pays concerné : Égypte
Support : 35 mm
Durée : 95 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Ali est un jeune scénariste égyptien talentueux mais non reconnu. Il vit à Londres et voudrait être en situation régulière. Pour ce faire, il envisage le " mariage blanc " et il pense concrétiser son idée lorsqu'il rencontre Lynda, jeune actrice sosie de Marilyn Monroe…

Réalisateur : Khaled El Hagar

Scénario : Khaled El Hagar, Amanda McKenzie-Stuart Producteur : Ildiko Kemeny / Renegate Films Ltd.

Coproducteurs : Marina Gefter, Amanda McKenzie-Stuart Producteur délégués : Georges Benayoun, Robert Buckler Producteur exécutif : Paul Frift

Directeur de la photographie : Romain Winding

Mixeur : Stuart Wilson

Compositeur de la musique : Safy Boutella

Directeur artistique : Hannah Moseley

Décorateur : Eli Bo

Costumes : Janice Rider

Assistant-réalisateur : John Watson

Monteur : John Richards

Scripte : Janice Schumm

Directeur de casting : Gigi Akoka, Sarah Bird

Production : Renegade Films, StudioCanal (Issy les Moulineaux), IMA Productions

Distributeur d'origine : Mars Films (Paris)

Distributeur : Studio Canal

Pays de production : Grande-Bretagne Sortie en France : 22 août 2001

Support : 35 MM

Langue : Anglais

Son : ACLAND, Chriss

Notes : INS 47 p.

Interprètes : Rupert Graves (Mark) / Robert Lang (le père de Mark) / TAGHMAOUI, Saïd (Ali) / LEWIS, Juliette (Marilyn) / GRAVES, Ruppert / MASSEY, Anna / CELARIE, Clémentine / BELKHADRA, Karim

Festival : FESPACO 2001<br>Carthage 2002


Room to rent
Synopsis One man's pursuit of life, liberty, and a green card sets the stage for this comedy-drama. Ali (Said Taghmaoui) was born in Egypt but has come to England in hopes of finding his fortune. Nothing if not industrious, Ali juggles several low-paying jobs: He works in a Middle Eastern restaurant, writes screenplays, helps redub Arabic-language movies into English, and gives belly dancing lessons. In the grand tradition of dance instructors, Ali is also having an affair with one of his students, Vivienne (Clementine Celarie), a middle-aged art dealer who refuses to take no for an answer. Ali is kicked out of his rooming house after several of his neighbor's sexual peccadilloes pop up in one of his scripts, and to add insult to injury, Ali is informed that his visa is about to run out and may not be extended. Needing a place to stay, Ali accepts an offer from Mark (Rupert Graves), a photographer who will give him a room and some cash in exchange for posing for photos to be used in a gay-themed magazine. Wanting to stay in England, Ali's less than scrupulous friend Ahmed (Karim Belkhadra) says he can arrange a marriage with a British citizen that would help him gain citizenship, but the price is 5,000 pounds, more than Ali can afford. Ali soon meets Linda (Juliette Lewis), an American expatriate who does a nightclub act as Marilyn Monroe; Linda likes Ali, and is willing to marry him for a mere 3,000 pounds, though Ali still has no idea how to come up with the money. Room to Rent was the first feature from writer/director Khaled Al Haggar, who is himself an Egyptian immigrant living and working in London. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide DVD Release Date: Feb 11 2003 Format: NTSC Languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish Studio (DVD): Tva Films
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