Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2001
Titre original : (série : Mama Africa)
Date de sortie en France : 03/12/2003
Pays concerné : Zimbabwe
Support : 35 mm
Durée : 26 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction
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Molly Mc Bride, journaliste métisse, décide de fuir l’Afrique du Sud politiquement déchirée avec son fils Peter. Ils s’installent tous les deux dans un petit village du Botswana où les femmes de couleur sont accueillies avec hostilité par les gens du pays. Un incident mineur révélera la richesse et la gentillesse des villageois.
DVD Afrique tous courts (Africalia, Belgique).

2011, Zimbabwe, 26 min, couleur, vo anglais.

Réalisation : Ingrid Sinclair
Scénario : Ingrid Sinclair
Image : Rob Humphrey
Montage : Liz Webber
Musique : Keith Farquason
Tiré d’un récit de Bessie Head

Damien Chamley, Cindy Sampson

Prod: Zimmedia (Zimbabwe)


Set during the onslaught of apartheid in 1966, Riches follows the physical and emotional journey of a young coloured teacher Mollie McBride and her son, Peter, from urban South Africa to a remote corner of Botswana.

Mollie’s searching for an ideal Africa where she can belong. The reality of rural Botswana is not at all what she’s hoped for. She’s shocked to be confronted with the traditional attitudes of children towards non-Tswanas, and the general hostility of villagers and fellow teachers towards her. She can’t see that it is largely her own refusal to conform to local ways that sets people against her.

To cap it all, Rra Ratse, the Headmaster, uses feigned kindness in an attempt to take advantage of her isolation. Rejecting his advances results in her immediate dismissal, with the headmaster labelling her as mad. Mollie has lost not only her job and only means of survival, but also her dignity.

Her dreams of living in harmony with’free’ Africans are shattered and her joyful escape from the racial confinement of South Africa now seems to be worthless. In despair, she turns to drink and in a drunken haze lacerates herself by rejecting the only person who really loves her – her son.

The resulting mortification leads Mollie to cross the cultural barrier and extend the hand of kindness to someone in need. An act of reciprocal kindness restores her hopes and encourages her to fight for both her job and position within her new society.

« Poverty has a home in Africa – like a quiet second skin. It may be the only place on earth where it is worn with unconscious dignity. People do not look down at your shoes which are caked with years of mud and split so that the toes stick out. They look straight and deeply into your eyes to see if you are friend or foe. That is all that matters. »

Director: Ingrid Sinclair
Country: Zimbabwe
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