Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2006
Sekalli Le Meokgo (Meokgo and the Stick Fighter)
Pays concerné : Lesotho
Durée : 19 minutes
Genre : fantastique
Type : fiction


A haunting tale spiced with magical realism, Meokgo and the Stickfighter is the story of Kgotso, a recluse stickfighter who lives a solitary life high up in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. Whilst tending sheep and playing his concertina, he sees a beautiful and mysterious woman staring at him dreamily from the water. This story of unrequited love and sacrifice captures both the cruelty and the beauty of African magical beliefs.

Teboho Malatshi, South Africa/Lesotho, 2006, 19m. en sotho avec sous-titres en anglais.

2008 | 15ème NYAFF – New York African Film Festival | NEW YORK, Usa | 9 avril > 16 mai ||
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Meokgo & the Stickfighter
Kgotso, a reclusive, concertina-playing stickfi ghter, encounters the spirit of a beguiling woman, Meokgo, and rescues her from an evil horseman. A story of unrequited love and sacrifi ce, infused with African mysticism, and inspired by Mozart’s The Magic Flute series. Starring Oscar-award-winning Tsotsi’s Terry Pheto. Part of the New Crowned Hope series.

Teboho Mahlatsi’s Meokgo and the Stickfighter is a fable that draws equally on Mozart’s « The Magic Flute » and the living power of magic in traditional African cultures. Set against the awe-inspiring mountains of Lesotho, this short film uses bold, iconic images to build an elemental conflict worthy of a Sergio Leone western.

2008 | 15th New York African Film Festival | NEW YORK, Usa | APRIL 9th to MAY 26th | |
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