Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2008
Jesus and the Giant
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Support : Bétacam SP
Durée : 12 minutes
Genre : expérimental
Type : fiction


Mary, femme battue et violée arrive à la porte de Jésus. Son agresseur est son amoureux, « the Giant » (« le Géant »). Jésus croit à la paix mais réalise que quelque chose de drastique doit être fait…

Filmé entièrement avec un appareil photo numérique (sauf le dernier plan), 7.000 photos ont été nécessaires pour un montage qui sert un concept si audacieux.

Akin Omotoso | Afrique du Sud, 2008 | 12 min | BetaSP | anglais |

UK Premiere


A raped and beaten woman called Mary arrives at Jesus’s door. Her attacker is her lover, the Giant. Jesus believes in peace but realises that something drastic has to be done…

This experimental short is an unlikely collaboration between Aryan Kaganof (script and editing), prolific high priest of transgression, and Akin Omotoso (director), Nigerian-born soap star, producer, director and intellectual. Together they bring a mutual abhorrence of rape, handled before by both of them in Nice to Meet You, Please don’t Rape Me (Kaganof) and The Kiss of Milk (Omotoso) and a Jungian playfulness with archetypal characters. Jesus is transformed into a black woman. Like her historical counterpart she brings peace but in this scripture she can only do so by violence. Mary, the virgin raped by Father God, here the Giant, is a catalyst for the confrontation between the Princess of Peace and the Angry Old Codger with a coke habit.

Shot entirely on a digital stills camera (except for the final shot), 7,000 stills are stitched together in a montage that is as audacious as the concept.

Akin Omotoso | South Africa 2008 | 12m | BetaSP | English |

UK Premiere
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