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LONG Métrage | 2004
Massaï, les guerriers de la pluie
Date de sortie en France : 22/12/2004
Pays concerné : France
Durée : 94 minutes
Genre : aventure
Type : fiction


Le passage d’un groupe d’adolescents à l’âge adulte. Confrontés à une sécheresse qui met en péril la pérennité de leur peuple, les anciens sont convaincus d’être victimes d’une malédiction du Dieu rouge, le Dieu de la vengeance. Suite à la mort de leur chef de guerre, ils sont obligés de former à la hâte une nouvelle génération de guerriers, aussi inexpérimentés que vaillants…


Masai: The Rain Warriors
In a Masai village, a drought forces the village elders to send out a group of young warriors to hunt down a mythical lion and sacrifice it, hoping that this symbolic act will end the drought. As the warriors journey across the plains of Kenya, they gradually learn the meaning of friendship, courage, and honour.

Inspired by Masai mythology, this is the first film to be solely populated by real-life Masai and spoken entirely in their native tongue, offering a rare glimpse into a culture isolated from the rest of the world.

Faced with a drought that endangers the continuity of their people, Masai elders are convinced that they have been cursed by the Red God – the God of Vengeance. Following the death of the war chief, a group of adolescents must now cross over to adulthood, forced to quickly form a new generation of inexperienced but brave warriors. The adolescents must bring back the mane of a legendary lion, which appears at every critical period of the Masai history to appease the wrath of the God and bring back the rains. The survival of their culture depends on this quest.

Pascal Plisson. France/Kenya. 2004. 89 mins. Masai with English Subtitles.

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Language: Masai with English subtitles

2007 | NYADFF | NEW YORK, Usa
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