Fiche Film
Cinéma/TV Histoire/société
LONG Métrage | 2004
Control room
Pays concerné : Égypte
Durée : 83 minutes
Genre : politique
Type : documentaire


Filmé en mars 2003, Control room propose un double regard en coulisses sur la chaîne de télévision Al-Jazeera et au Centcom, le centre de presse de l’armée américaine au Qatar, sur leur manière de diffuser l’information lors de la guerre menée en Irak en 2003. Chacun des intervenants propose une analyse critique sur le traitement de l’information et sur l’activité de désinformation pendant les événements.


In the early days of the war in Iraq, Americans could turn on their televisions twenty-four hours a day and take a front row seat with coalition troops careening across the desert. We could follow the action live as precision bombers brought Iraqi cities to their knees and American POWs were rescued and triumphantly returned home as television heroes. We could watch soldiers toppling statues of Saddam Hussein.

But as Americans witnessed U.S. victory at home, a different story unfolded on television sets throughout the Arab world. Qatari-based Al-Jazeera broadcast images of Iraqi civilian casualties and American POWs that were taboo in the American media. Many claim that as a result, America barred Al-Jazeera journalists from reporting on Wall Street and bombed their headquarters in Baghdad. As the saying goes there are always two sides to every story, but in a media-managed war where does the truth lie?

With exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Al-Jazeera, American journalists, and the players at Central Command, Control Room takes an unprecedented look at the business of war. Uniquely qualified with a cross-cultural perspective, Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim (, travels to the headquarters of Al-Jazeera and U.S. Central Command to capture the staging of the war in Iraq and the media’s vital role in writing history.

Director Jehane Noujaim is available to speak with the film through Evil Twin Booking Agency.
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CONTROL ROOM premiered at the Sundance Film Festival
on Thursday January 22, 2004 5:30PM at the Prospector Theater
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