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MOYEN Métrage | 2005
Oberlin-Inanda : The life and Times of John Dube
Titre original : Oberlin-Inanda
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Support : DVD
Durée : 55 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Biographie de John L. Dube (1871-1946), éducateur, musicien, journaliste, homme d’église, politicien, et co-fondateur de l’African National Congress (ANC) en 1912, dont il fut le premier président.
Le documentaire montre comment son éducation à Oberlin College (Ohio, Etats-Unis) l’a aidé dans son combat pour la justice sociale en Afrique du Sud, à Inanda (Province du Kwazulu Natal).

Réal : Chérif Keita


Shot in Oberlin (Ohio) and in Inanda (Kwazulu Natal province, South Africa), this 55-minute documentary film features the life and work of John Langalibalele Dube (1871-1946) pioneer educator, journalist, musician, churchman and politician who co-founded the African National Congress in 1912 and served as its first President until 1917. « Oberlin – Inanda » connects Dube’s American education with his struggle for political and economic independence and celebrates his enduring legacy in today’s democratic South Africa. This film is a tribute to the township of Inanda, the place which nurtured not only John Dube but also Mahatma Gandhi and his Satyagraha movement in the early 1900s and other movements for social justice in South

« This film’s message is relevant to contemporary South African society, both young and old, and at many levels: educational, historical, social and political. »
Prof. Thandabantu Nhlapo, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Univ. of Cape Town)

Biography of John L. Dube (1871-1946), educator, musician, journalist, churchman, politician, and co-founder of the African National Congress in 1912, of which he was first president. The documentary shows how his education at Oberlin College helped him in his struggle for social justice in South Africa.

2005, 55 minutes

Director/Producer: Chérif Keïta
Cinematography: Ntokozo Madlala, Paul Hager, Chérif Keïta and Aleshia Mueller
Editing: Aleshia Mueller
Research: Chérif Keïta, Marly Merrill and Roland Baumann
Music: Reuben T. Caluza, Moussa Diallo and Kekeliba Project, Brian Thusi Jazz Band, Carleton College, Ohlange and Inanda Seminary Choirs
Cover artwork: Mary Tatge

Distribution: Villon Films, 4040 Ontario Street
Tel/Fax: 604-879-6042

Inquiries: please contact Chérif Keïta, 507-646-4433

Available in English, English with French subtitles, and in French
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