Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2009
Gaza on the air
Pays concerné : Territoire palestinien
Durée : 90 minutes
Genre : guerre
Type : documentaire


Réal: Samir Abdallah
Egypte, Palestine, France/2009/Arabe, anglais avec sous-titrage anglais, arabe/Couleur/DigiBeta/1h30 mins


During the 2009 Israeli war on Gaza, Palestinian journalists and cameramen shot on-the-spot footage daily, on the ground. What effect did it have on them?

During the January 2009 bombardment of Gaza, and with foreign news crews barred from the area, a group of Palestinian journalists and cameramen risked their lives to covertly film scenes of the destruction, intended for news broadcast around the world. Director Samir Abdallah intercuts this harrowing, often never aired footage with interviews with the cameramen about their traumatic experiences, and how they continue to cope with their haunting, horrifying memories.’Gaza On The Air’ is an bold, uncompromising tribute to the men and women of the media. This is an exceptionally graphic film and contains scenes of extreme violence.

Egypt, Palestine, France/2009/Arabic, English dialogue with English, Arabic subtitles/Colour/DigiBeta/90 mins
Directed by: Samir Abdallah

Contains: Harsh Images – Gore (R)

Interests:: Documentary, Historical, War

2009 | 6th DIFF, Dubai
* Muhr Arabic Documentary
* World Premiere Premiere
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