Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2006
Larmes de Husayn (Les)
Pays concerné : Liban
Support : DVcam
Durée : 52 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


Michel Tabet, 2006, Liban


Every year, the town of Nabatiyya commemorates Imam Hussein’s martyrdom. The film offers an inside look at the February 2006 ceremonies. It is part of a visual anthropology project, and it registers the diversity of movements and representations characteristic of the public celebrations of Achoura in this southern
Lebanese city.

Country: Lebanon
Year: 2006
Director: Michel Tabet
Cinematography: Michel Tabet
Editing: Michel Tabet
Sound: Michel Tabet
DV cam – 52′
Production: Jean-Paul Colleyn – EHESS/CNRS- Tel : +331 53 63 51 59
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