Fiche Groupe
Pee Froiss
Genre : Groupe de musique
Membres(s) : Gunman Xuman, Kool Kocc 6, DJ Gee Bayss


Pee Froiss (Sénégal, Dakar)
Avec Positive Black Soul et Daraa J., Pee Froiss constitue la plus belle promesse du rap sénéglais, dix ans d’une formation solidaire et d’une vie de groupe où les concerts s’enchaînent en trois langues dont en wolof. La maîtrise technique de Pee Froiss, exemplaire, permet à leur palette instrumentale une grande diversité. Quant aux textes, l’équipée de Xuman, Kocc 6 et DJ Gee Bayss raconte l’histoire africaine et l’asservissement physique, économique et spirituel de tout un continent. L’ensemble du groupe a suivi en son temps les ateliers de l’A.M.I (Afriquipop)


Since forming in 1993, Pee Froiss have made their mark on the Dakar music scene with their militant lyrics laced over dope African rhythms. They are today one of the most established groups in Senegal and revered by young rap audiences across West Africa. Pee Froiss found wider recognition in 2003 with the international release of the Konkerants album which reached far and beyond the market for their mixtape recordings till then. Released on French label Night & Day, the album was critically acclaimed and quickly hailed as an instant classic, securing features from Froots, Straight No Chaser, and several French hip-hop magazines. Rooted in the day to day reality of a cosmopolitan Africa, the group were capitalising on their mass appeal to speak out against corruption and religious hypocrisy. Their lyrics, delivered in a mix of Wolof, French and English would reflect the flavour of a post-colonial nation state and celebrate its vibrancy. Pee Froiss have assimilated the fundaments of hip-hop and reggae only to better integrate them into a distinctly African blend. On stage, the 7-foot, dreadlocked MC, Xuman, and sing-jaying vocalist Kool Kocc 6, are aided and abetted by DJ Gee Bayss whose sure-fire turntablism has crowds jumping whenever Pee Froiss take the stage. Check tracks like Jalgaty or Siensal where the lyrical prowess and sing-a-long melodies of Xuman and Kocc 6 are there for all to see. The trio speak out for those without voices – moral guides for a disaffected youth torn between the traditions of their forefathers and the global currency of MTV and fast food. In a country where the politicians line their pockets while the poor go hungry, the messages that Pee Froiss deliver speak with an urgency that only a handful of rappers can muster. Dont say we didnt warn you!