Fiche Livre
Littérature / édition
Raoul Peck
Pays concerné : Haïti
ISBN : 978-0739198780
Pages: 298
Parution : 15 Décembre 2015


Power, politics, and the cinematic imagination
« This comprehensive collection of essays dedicated to the work of filmmaker Raoul Peck is the first of its kind. The essays, interview, and keynote addresses collected in Raoul Peck: Power, Politics, and the Cinematic Imagination focus on the ways in which power and politics traverse the work of Peck and are central to his cinematic vision. At the heart of this project is the wish to gather diverse interpretations of Raoul Peck’s films in a single volume. The essays included herein are written by scholars from different disciplines and are placed alongside Peck’s own articulations around the nature of power and politics. » – Read more at
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