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REVUE | Octobre 2018
Black Camera Vol.10 Issue 1 Fall 2018
Olivier Barlet, Beti Ellerson Poulenc, Michael T. Martin
Revue : Black Camera
Collection : les mots en partage
Edition : Indiana University Press
Pays d’édition : États-Unis
Parution : 22 Octobre 2018


Unresolved Subjects: Poverty, Rage, and Abstraction in the Work of the Last Race Filmmaker
Ellen C. Scott
Taís Araújo: The Black Helena Against Brazil’s Whitening Television
Bruno Guaraná
The Touch of the « First » Black Cinematographer in North America: James E. Hinton, Ganja & Hess, and the NEA Films at the Harvard Film Archive
Chuck Jackson
Close-Up: On the Colony’s Postcolony Encounter in Claire Denis’s Chocolat and White Material
Claire Denis: Auteur Filmmaker Extraordnaire!
Michael T. Martin
Postcolony’s Colonial Registers in Claire Denis’s Chocolat and White Material
Michael T. Martin
Postcolonialism in Claire Denis’s Chocolat and White Material: Africa Under the Skin
Isabelle Le Corff
GALLERY: Poster Art as Cultural Labor in the Cinematic Archive of Claire Denis
Michael T. Martin
Close-Up: Mediated Contests: Sports, Race, and the Power of Narrative
Introduction: Sports, Race, and the Power of Narrative
Samantha N. Sheppard
The Exception that Proves the Rule: Race, Place, and Meritocracy in Rand University
Samantha N. Sheppard
Saving/Staging Whiteness: Racial Reconciliation in 42 and FIFA 2017/2018
David J. Leonard
Computational Blackness: The Procedural Logics of Race, Game, and Cinema, or how Spike Lee’s Livin’ Da Dream Productively « Broke » a Popular Video Game
TreaAndrea M. Russworm
Beyond Les Bleus: French Basketball, American Media, and Racial Performance in les banlieues
Keith Corson
Africultures Dossier
Cannes 2018 Report: From the Real to the Imaginary
Olivier Barlet
Tunisia Factory: Mentalities in Question
Olivier Barlet
Wanuri Kahiu’s Rafiki
Olivier Barlet
African Women in Cinema Dossier
African Women of the Screen as Cultural Producers: An Overview by Country
Beti Ellerson
Book Reviews
Sola Fosudo and Tunji Azeez, Inside Nollywood: Issues and Perspectives on Nigerian Cinema
Babatunde Onikoyi
Chérie Ndaliko Rivers, Necessary Noise: Music, Film, and Charitable Imperialism in the East of Congo & Kasongo Mulenda Kapanga, The Writing of the Nation: Expressing Identity through Congolese Literary Texts and Films
Sanne Sinninge
Archival Spotlight
The South Side Home Movie Project: Re-Imagining Black Chicago
Candace Ming
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