Rwanda Film Festival 2010
6ème édition


It is with great pleasure that the Rwanda Cinema announces its Film festival event slated Mid-July.
As you must have realized the Rwanda Film Festival is consistently growing every year- this year the festival will work under the theme  » Africa Celebrated », joining the efforts of the rest of the world in celebrating the New Africa in 2010.
Once again as in 2009 Rwanda Film Festival will bring to the Rwandan community living in the hills a true cinema experience, and in Kigali at our main venues, showcasing the bests of African Directors.

It is absolutely amazing how fast Rwanda Film Festival and Hillywood have grown into becoming the international destination for filmmakers and tourists.

The future is very bright for Rwanda and for the Rwanda Cinema Centre and this is just the beginning of many great things.
See you in Hillywood, July 11th-28th, 2010, when we mark our 6th year Anniversary!
The Organizers.

The festival will work under the theme ‘Africa celebrated’ joining hands with the rest of the world in celebrating the new Africa in 2010.

Rwanda Film Festival have a wide outreach program with our inflatable Cinema in the villages where we reach about five to ten thousand people in each of the seven locations across the country. We see this as a unique opportunity of sharing health messages, human rights, governance and entertainment.

The Journey towards the rediscovery of our African soul is long. It is a monumental task, but with a constant reminder that we are a great continent and a great people, backed by action of blind faith and commitment, our potential and a new belief system will emerge. Africa will regain her rightful place among the continents of our planet. We can not exhaustively celebrate Africa without mentioning Nelson Mandela.

« Africa yearns and deserves to redeem her glory, to reassert her centuries old contribution to economics, politics culture and the arts; and once more be a pioneer in the many fields of human endeavor. The African rebirth is now more than an idea – its seeds are being sown in the regional communities we are busy building and in the continent as a whole. »- Nelson Mandela

« Africa reaffirms that she is continuing her rise from the ashes. Whatever the setbacks of the moment, whatever the difficulties and however improbable it may sound to the sceptics, there shall be peace in Africa. This continent will prosper! »- Thabo Mbeki