6th Rwanda Film Festival (july 11th and july 28th, 2010)
février 2010 | Appels à contributions / candidatures | Cinéma/TV | Rwanda


The Rwanda Cinema Center invites you to participate in the 6th annual Rwanda Film Festival. The festival will take place between july 11th and july 28th, 2010; and we will be accepting films for submission until March 15, 2010.

Over the last 6 years the Rwanda Film Festival has grown steadily and become recognized as one of Africa’s largest and most unique venues for filmmakers to showcase their work. It is a rendezvous of films ranking from fiction to documentaries, and animated to shorts. It is host to both internationally acclaimed films and locally produced ones, and it is seen as a source of information, inspiration and representation of less heard perspectives and voices. The films cover a broad spectrum of issues including human rights, the environment, social and economic development, and public health; and the festival stretches across the nation. From the bustling avenues of Rwanda’s capital Kigali, to the rural communities of distant districts where films are projected on inflatable screens, the Rwanda Film Festival promises to be an original and enjoyable experience for all.

If you are at all interested in participating in this year’s film festival, or have any further questions regarding it, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiries and hope that you choose to become involved in this year’s festival.
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