Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival 2017
2ème édition. Evènement soutenu par la Représentation Panafricaine (Gorée) et Africiné Magazine (Dakar).


The 2nd Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival opened in Germany in 2017.

The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival is an extraordinary event that displays many excellent documentary films from all over the world as well as business result in the documentary film industry. The festival, held annually in Frankfurt am Main Germany,aims to promote the international exchange in the documentary film industry and to build a bridge for exchange, trade and communication in the documentary film industry between East and West. The festival encourages creative, critical, unique and meaningful documentary films of exceptional quality to participate. It honors the outstanding achievements and work of filmmakers in the documentary film industry. The Golden Tree rewards artists who produce documentary films in tremendous quality and who continue to devote themselves to the development of the documentary film industry, by offering them a professional world-class platform. The Golden Tree Festival consists of six integral parts: exhibitions, film screenings, awards, forums, investment fund and broadcasting abroadcasting right trade.

In addition, the event covers the presentation of outstanding documentary works, communication in the fild of the documentary film industry,negotiation and introduction among cultural creative enterprises,the individuals, investment organization and financing institutions.

International mainstream media, an organizing committee with professional documentary film experts coming from all over the world and two committees which are responsible for the pre-selection and the final selection of the documentary films in the Golden Tree award competition, consisting of experts, famous educators, actors and directors from the documentary film industry, all of these famous people gathered in The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival.The Golden Tree Awards are awarded in the following categories « Best Long Documentary », « Best Medium-Length Documentary », « Best Short Documentary », « Best Mini Documentary », « Best Director » and « Special Jury Mention Award ».

The 2nd Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival lasts from 6th to 9th September, 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The registration for the festival begins on January 1st, 2017 and ends on June 30th, 2017. The theme of festival 2017 is « Man and Nature », aiming to lead people through the camera lens to look for the source of culture. High quality documentary films will bring the theme to the whole world.

The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival utilizes its online/offline business function to build abroadcasting right trade platform including abroadcasting right’s collection, managment, operation and trading. The platform can create more possibilities for those people and institutions that are devoted themselves to the documentary film industry to let their work easier,as well as helps more excellent documentary films move forward to the whole world.

2017 Winning Films

Best Long Documentary Award
CallShop Istanbul (Canada)
Sami Mermer, Hind Benchekroun

Best Medium-length Documentary Award
Coming of Age (South Africa)
Teboho Edkins

Best Short Documentary Award
Orbis (South Africa)
Simon Wood

Best Mini Documentary Award
Eli. Swedish Passion (Spain)
Miguel Argilès, Adriana Gil

Best Director Award
Boli bana (Belgium)
Simon Gillard

Best Special Jury Mention Award
He Shiping, Fu Peng, Zhou Chengyu

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