Fiche Film
Tehran Without Permission (Tehran bedoune mojavez)
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Genre : politique
Type : documentaire


Tourné entièrement avec un téléphone portable Nokia.

Réal : Sepideh Farsi, Iran/France 2009 DOC


Shot entirely on a Nokia cellphone, TEHRAN WITHOUT PERMISSION (TEHRAN BEDOUNE MOJAVEZ) captures the city not as a metropolis but as a character. Leading up to the controversial elections of last year, the film is conversely an intensely personal collage of Tehran and its people.
Director Farsi comments: « The challenge was to remain unnoticed, in order to shoot as freely as possible, not only to escape the omnipresent surveillance of the authorities, but also to reduce the distance between the one who films and the one who is filmed. Therefore, I decided to shoot the film with a mobile phone. » The results are intimate and illuminating.

Persian with English subtitles, Video, 83 min
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