Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2009
When The Mountain Meets Its Shadow
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 75 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Réal : Alexander Kleider & Daniela Michel, Allemagne, 2009 DOC


WHEN THE MOUNTAIN MEETS ITS SHADOW tells the stories of Ashraf, Mne, Zoliswa and Arnold, who fight for survival in the informal settlements and townships around Cape Town, a city where the gap between rich and poor is, arguably, starker than anywhere else in the country. While Ashraf and his friend Mne fight against evictions, and water and electricity cut-offs, Zoliswa and Arnold hope to find better employment. When the city council attempts to clear an entire informal settlement, Ashraf and Mne are confronted with their own, unresolved experiences from the Apartheid years.

d. Alexander Kleider and Daniela Michel, Germany 2009 DOC
English, Afrikaans and Xhosa with English subtitles, Video, 75 min

* Filmmakers in attendance
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