Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2004
Homme au costume gris (L’)
Pays concerné : Tunisie
Durée : 9 minutes
Genre : comédie dramatique
Type : fiction


Un homme vêtu d’un costume gris a rendez-vous dans la rue avec un dénommé « Hamda ». Ce dernier est tellement en retard que l’homme au costume gris finit par l’appeler.

Support : 35mm – Couleur
Durée : 9 min.
Scénario et dialogue : Fehd Chabbi
Interprètes : Samy Blel
Production : Long et Court


Hamda, the man with the grey suit
A man wearing a grey suit has an appointment in the street with a man named’ Hamda’. The latter is so late that the man with the grey suit calls him on the phone. Hamda’s mother answers the phone to inform him that her son is very ill and that he is stuck in bed. However, she proposes that he comes to her home if he really wants to meet him.The man with the grey suit heads for Hamda’s, who lives in a building of one of the numerous’Residence of Roses’. The mother opens the door and informs him that her son has been taken to hospital in emergency. Disappointed, the man with the grey suits fets out to join his friend in hospital. As he is getting out of the building, the man with the grey suit is caught up by two nurses, who tie him up with a strait jacket. The man with the grey suit is…Hamda!

Author : Fahd CHEBBI
Genre : Drame
Length : 10 mn
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