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LONG Métrage | 2010
Katanga, La Guerre Du Cuivre
Pays concerné : République démocratique du Congo
Durée : 92 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire
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Réal : Thierry Michel

Titre Original : Katanga, La Guerre Du Cuivre
pays d’origine : Belgique
Film: digital
Durée: 1h32 min.


Katanga, The War For Copper
A political economic thriller that takes place in Central Africa, in one of the world’s richest regions in mining resources. While the inhabitants of Katanga continue to live in extreme poverty, multinationals are rivaled by China, newly arrived with its billions of dollars. Staged on economic war, the documentary is a tale of globalization.

Director: Thierry Michel

Original Title: Katanga, La Guerre Du Cuivre
Country of origin: Belgium
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2010
Film: digital
Format: color
Duration: 92 min.

Direction: Thierry Michel
Screenplay: Thierry Michel
Photography cinematography: Thierry Michel
Edition: Idriss Gabel
Score: Marc Herouet
Producer: Thierry Michel
Production: Les Films de la Passerelle
World sales: Les Films de la Passerelle
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