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Road to Mecca (The)
Titre original : Die Straße nach Mekka [Germany]
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Type : fiction


Réalisateurs : Athol Fugard, Peter Goldsmid

Ce film est adapté d’une pièce de théâtre éponyme d’Athol Fugard (Afrique du Sud), parue en 1985.


Miss Helen is a widow who lives alone. Inspired by a vision she has decorated the walls of her home with broken glass which creates beautiful and calming effects while reflecting the candle light that she prefers. Outside in the garden she has created a world of cement sculptures of wise men, camels and owls all facing east towards Mecca.

This behaviour has alienated her from the conservative, Calvinist church whose local congregation views her with suspicion.

She befriends Elsa, a young teacher from Cape Town.

One night, Helen burns herself. Fearing for her safety, Elsa comes to visit. At the same time, the local pastor, Marius Byleveld, comes to help Helen apply for the local Old Age home. He is secretly in love with her and fears for her « idolatry » and her exile from the church.

However, with Elsa’s help, she decides to stay in her home.

Directors: Athol Fugard, Peter Goldsmid
Writers: Athol Fugard (play), Peter Goldsmid

THE ROAD TO MECCA is a play by South Africa’s Athol Fugard.

starring A. Fugard as the Rev. Marius Byleveld, Kathy Bates as Elsa Barlow, and Yvonne Bryceland as Miss Helen.

Kathy Bates… Elsa Barlow
Anna Bernard
Peter Bibby… Smaller Boy
Yvonne Bryceland… Miss Helen
Christine Dreyer
Athol Fugard… Rev. Marius Byleveld
Jackie Hendriks… Patience
Trevor Neehling… Bigger Boy
Soli Philander… Kees
Marléne Pieterse
Betty Toby… Norma
Johann Van Heerden
Louis Van Niekerk
Karen White
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