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Himbas font leur cinéma (Les) !
Pays concerné : Namibie
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


Une vingtaine de Himbas, des nomades de Namibie connus sous le nom de « peuple d’ocre », ont choisi d’exprimer leur lassitude d’être filmés sans qu’ils n’aient jamais leur mot à dire. Le groupe a décidé de se mettre en scène devant la caméra. Avec humour et dérision, les Himbas…

Un documentaire de Solenn Bardet,

produit par GEDEON Programme
avec la participation de France Télévisions.

Les Himbas font leur cinéma ! en DVD par colinebeuvelet

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Himbas are Shooting (The)!
Tired of being filmed by the cameras of the world without ever having a say, 20 Himba people of Namibia decided to step behind and in front of the camera to make a film about themselves.

Solenn Bardet, French writer and film director, met the Himbas as a young geography student some 18 years ago when their territory started opening to the world. The Himbas who took her in and adopted her in 1993 had never seen a lighter or a camera. In the past two decades she witnessed the evolution and changes in their world. Despite the many film shootings – including some in which Bardet herself was involved -, not one single Himba had ever seen any of the documentaries or feature films in which they participated.

This is why Solenn Bardet, over the past four years, organized regular nomadic film projections within Kaokoland with a large piece of cloth hung between acacia trees. Despite the fact that the films brought immense pleasure to the Himbas, they felt slightly misrepresented by how the world portrayed them. This is how Solenn Bardet developed a project in which the Himbas could make a film which would be theirs and in which they would actively participate from beginning to end.

Led by Solenn Bardet and her friend Muhapikwa, a group of 20 Himbas of different gender and age will introduce their world in front of the camera: their mythology and origins, the key events in their history, their day-to-day life, the ceremonies and relationships they have developed with their ancestors, the lure and dangers of modern life, the changes that are imposed on them and the ones they have chosen…

A film by Solenn Bardet

Documentary, 52 minutes

in the FNCC Cinema on Saturday, 11 August, 2012.
Windhoek, Namibia
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