Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2010
Scenarios d’Afrique : Tigre, Tigresse
Pays concerné : Burkina Faso
Durée : 17 minutes
Genre : comédie
Type : fiction


Un routier qui a des « logées – nourries » [« petites amies »] un peu partout se retrouve brusquement dans un monde à l’envers, un monde où les femmes font la loi.

Réalisé par Fanta Régina Nacro du Burkina Faso (

Basé sur une idée originale de Marlène Anna Kpatagnon Amégankpoé, 21 ans, Bénin.

Un film comique de la collection SCENARIOS D’AFRIQUE (Global Dialogues :

Prod : Global Dialogues


Scenarios from Africa : Tiger, Tigress
An outrageously provocative comedy! This is the tale of a truck driver named Morpheus, a man with a woman in every port who suddenly finds himself in a world turned upside down: a world in which women reign supreme in society and call all the shots.

Directed by Fanta Régina Nacro of Burkina Faso.

Based on an original idea by Marlène Anna Kpatagnon Amégankpoé, aged 21, of Benin.
English version.

(Global Dialogues :; Facebook page: Scenarios from Africa).

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Global Dialogues:
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The Global Dialogues films, based on stories submitted by creative youths in our contests, are crafted by leading filmmakers and emerging young talents. Available in numerous languages, the films reach over 200 million people every year.

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Scenarios from Africa is a community mobilisation, education and media project about HIV/AIDS carried out with and for young people. It gives children and young adults an exciting opportunity to educate themselves and others about HIV/AIDS by inviting them to participate with internationally acclaimed directors in the production of a collection of short films.
The films are based on ideas thought up by young people in a series of contests. So far, over 105,000 young people from 37 African countries have taken part in these contests. Over a thousand local and international partner organisations are involved in organising the contests and selecting the winning ideas.
Twenty-eight short fiction films are currently available. Some of the films are very touching, others extremely funny. They are distributed on a non-commercial basis across Africa and well beyond, for broadcast on national television stations and on international satellite networks.

Scenarios from Africa is coordinated by Global Dialogues – a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in education and communication about HIV/AIDS. For more information about Scenarios From Africa please visit the Global Dialogues website.



Scenarios de Africa : Tiger, Tigresa

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