Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2015
Voix des statuettes (La)
Elzévie Pascale Touloulou Moundélé
Date de sortie en France : 00/00/0000
Pays concerné : République du Congo
Réalisateur(s) : Elzévie Pascale Touloulou Moundélé
Durée : 60
Genre : historique
Type : documentaire



During a visit to a museum in Congo, I found myself face to face with three small statues. They seemed to be observing me, just as I was observing them, intrigued by their expressivity. Symbols of cult and ritual, they are all different. One is scarred on the stomach, one has a triple head and the third, a gashed face. Representative of three regions of the country, I took to the road to try to understand them. Apprehending their power today means also thinking about the metamorphoses they have undergone on leaving the realm of the sacred and questioning their society and culture.