Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2017
Workers Cup (The)
Pays concerné : Royaume-Uni
Durée : 92 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Quand la FIFA sélectionna le Qatar pour accueillir la Coupe du Monde de Football 2022, le riche état pétrolier mis ses grandes et prospères richesses afin de commencer à construire des stades et équipements en ayant recours à des millions de travailleurs immigrés. The Workers Cup (La Coupe des Travailleurs) suit un groupe de ces hommes – venant d’Inde, Kenya, Népal et Ghana- qui, enfermés dans des camps isolés, travaillant sans relâche pour des salaires de misère, trouvent un échappatoire en organisant un tournoi de football entre eux.

Un film d’Adam Sobel

Royaume-Uni, 2017, documentaire, 1h32 min

2017 | Sundance Film Festival, USA
* Selection – SECTION: World Doc
* World Premiere


When FIFA selected Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, the petroleum-rich country used its vast and wealthy resources to begin constructing state-of-the-art stadiums and facilities utilizing millions of migrant workers. The Workers Cup follows a group of these men-from India, Kenya, Nepal, and Ghana-who, stuck in isolated camps, working arduous hours for unlivable wages, eagerly escape into a corporate-sponsored « workers welfare » soccer tournament of their own. While the tournament amounts to little more than a marketing ploy for those at the top, the laborers embrace the rare opportunity to let loose, compete, and prove themselves bona fide soccer champions.

A film by Adam Sobel

UK, 2017, documentary, 1h32 min

Adam Sobel’s stirring and keenly observed documentary juxtaposes the freshly installed stadiums where the workers compete with the squalid and cramped corridors they return to at night. With an empathetic lens, Sobel showcases the collective willpower and humanity of men who refuse to allow trying circumstances sink their one shot at winning a tournament in the very stadiums the workers of Qatar sacrificed so much to construct.

YEAR: 2017
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
RUN TIME: 92 min
LANGUAGE: English and Nepali/Malayalam/Twi/Ga/Hindi/Arabic
SUBTITLES: Yes with English subtitles

Adam Sobel

Rosie Garthwaite, Ramzy Haddad

Executive Producers
Dennis Paul, Paul Miller, Anonymous

Lauren Wellbrock, Anne Jünemann, Adam Sobel

Nazim Aggoune, Joe Saade

Nathan Halpern

Sound Recording
Ramzy Haddad, Adam Sobel

Color Grading
Company 3 Chicago Tyler Roth

Sound Design
Drew Weir

Associate Producer
Anne Sobel

Anne Fabini Francois Sculier Andrea Prenghyová Ulla Simonen

Production Company: The Workers Cup Limited
EMAIL: [email protected]

2017 | Sundance Film Festival, USA
* Selection – SECTION: World Doc
* World Premiere
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