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LONG Métrage |
Pays concerné : Algérie
Durée : 90 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Un film de Yanis Koussim

Algérie / France, en phase de DEVELOPPEMENT, long métrage fiction, 1h30 min, couleur, version originale : arabe

Réalisateur : Yanis Koussim
Scénariste : Yanis Koussim

Producteur : Farès Ladjimi (Mille et une productions)

Mille et une productions

D’après un
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1.520.034 Euros

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245.034 Euros

Open Doors 2015 – Locarno Festival de Cinéma
Sélection – Projets de Films


Algeria, in the nineties…
Slimane is one of the five survivors of the Sidi-Salem massacre, a little farming village lost in the dry high plateau of Eastern Algeria. All of the survivors are amnesiac. Everybody has been identified except for Slimane.
No one knows if he is a persecutor or a victim…

Many years later, Slimane has become a Raqi, an Islamic exorcist. From the rocky plains to the most isolated farms, he roams through the country, going where the demon is, fighting the devil’s torments. He spends his days reciting the Koran on the bedside of the possessed and his nights losing himself in alcohol and prostitutes in shady clubs, wasting his entire state pension.

One morning, the man who took Slimane in his house after the massacre and taught him Ruqya’s secrets, dies in his sleep…

Some time later, a woman knocks on Slimane’s door. She is convinced that her son, an autistic teenager, is possessed…

She slowly gets into the Raqi’s life. Soon after, the grave of the old man is desecrated: his spleen has been ripped off. One by one, the Sidi-Salem survivors are murdered and their spleens are also ripped off.

Meanwhile, Slimane fails to exorcise the teenager, and it’s becoming more and more difficult for him to practice Ruqyas.

As he is about to give up, Slimane understands that only a final Ruqya can put an end to the neverending horror… The very horror that could help him find out who he really is, the horror that should have ended years ago, in Sidi-Salem.

A film by Yanis Koussim

Algeria / France, Feature Narrative, 90 min · Color, Original Language: Arabic

Director’s note
Nightmares we have while sleeping exorcise our deepest fears once we are awakend. For over a century, horror movies took this role on a collective scale. Each era has its own fears, every fear has its outlets movies. « Ruqya » is my nightmare, it is any country’s that has experienced a decade of indescribable fear due to Islamic terrorism. The more a nightmare seems real, the better it fulfills its purpose. In terms of both form and content, Ruqya will be as realistic as possible. No grimacing creatures nor repulsive monsters. There will be only human… The worst of demons.
Yanis Koussim

Production company
Mille et Une Productions (Paris)

Locarno Film Festival
Film project: Open Doors


Yanis Koussim

Mille et une productions
[email protected]

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Writing / Development

1.520.034 Euro

Financing in place
245.034 Euro

Locarno Film Festival
Film projects: Open Doors
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