Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2005
Pays concerné : Burkina Faso
Durée : 26 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : série TV


Ina fête sa réussite au baccalauréat avec ses amis. Plus rien ne s’oppose à la réalisation de son rêve de toujours : devenir avocate. Mais contre toute attente, son propre père, Paul, qui estime avoir suffisamment investi pour ses études, lui ordonne d’arrêter et de chercher du travail. Ina reste ferme et déterminée. Paul jure qu’il ne reviendra pas sur sa décision. Qui du père ou de la fille lâchera prise ?

Un sitcom de Valérie Kaboré.

Format : Betacam – couleur ; Durée/Length: 26′ x 3 ;

Fespaco 2007
* Sélection TV & Vidéo – Séries et Sitcoms


After having completed successfully her final year high school, Ina invited her friends to celebrate it. She dreamily sees henceforth no impediment to her eternal dream coming true: to become a barrister. But unexpectedly her own father, Paul, alleging the increasing cost of her tuition fees commanded her to cease studies and rather look for a job.Ina remains adamant. Paul swears never to back down. Will father or daughter win over ?

television series, 2005

« Ina » is a serial by Valerie Kaboré which tells the story of a young girl who brilliantly passed her A level exam. Like any youngster of her age, she wants to go to university but her father refuses, giving the pretext that she has to find a job in order to help the family. She decides to struggle in order to make her dreams come true.
This film depicts the condition of the contemporary girl who often finds herself in a conflicting situation; parents’, authorities and opportunities opened by life. This fiction also depicts the bad image of unemployment, single life and prostitution.

Bengnimè Rachelle SOME, Fespaco News (Ouagadougou), N° 06, Jeudi 1er Mars 2007

Fespaco 2007
* Sélection TV & Vidéo – Séries et Sitcoms
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