Fiche Film
Rape for Who I Am
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Type : documentaire


Le viol de lesbiennes en Afrique du Sud.


I love the women in my film. I can sit in front of them for hours listening, watching and learning. I have enjoyed making this documentary because of the passion, life, and honesty of the characters.

I went to make a film about the rape of lesbians. To a degree I expected to discover victims. What I found were women who had had enough of being brutalised. They campaigned against hate crimes, were unapologetic about their identity, fought for their rights and refused to let Africa make them feel ashamed of their sexuality. As a collective, they were making their presence in South Africa felt. The women of this film blow away all preconceived ideas I had about homosexuality in Africa.

I thought it was a tabooed topic until I met the South Africans.

I arrived in Johannesburg a couple of weeks before Pride. During this period, the organisation for black lesbians arranged workshops, plays, events, seminars for the lesbian community. It was the perfect timing, operating in a private, safe, relaxed, community space/ environment. I was able to mingle and create great friendships. There are times I felt like a voyeur, the girls knew it and they let me be. – L.Kavuma

Directed by Lovinsa Kavuma
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