Fiche Personne

Lovinsa Kavuma

Ouganda, Royaume-Uni


Née en Ouganda, de nationalité britannique.


Ugandan-born British filmmaker Lovinsa Kavuma has a strong interest in African social and cultural affairs that has led her to travel and film extensively, building a career exploring the beauty and ugliness of Africa. Lost Boys Of The Congo uncovers the desolation of the lives of child soldiers. For BBC news, she initiated and developed stories from West, East to Southern Africa for the flagship afternoon slot Newsround. Kintu her short docu-drama received recognition and awards at international film festivals for its visual poetic journey of the ancient art form of bark cloth making in Uganda.

While researching various issues in Africa, Kavuma uncovered a disturbing phenomenon that both upset her and stimulated her journalistic instinct: lesbians were being raped in South Africa, blatant victims of hate crime. Rape For Who I Am is her most recent documentary. Lovinsa Kavuma is currently working on a feature film.
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