Fiche Film
Musique Cinéma/TV
LONG Métrage | 1998
Buena Vista Social Club
Date de sortie en France : 01/09/1999
Pays concerné : Allemagne
Support : 35 mm
Durée : 100 minutes
Genre : musical
Type : documentaire


Ry Cooder a composé la musique de Paris Texas et de The End of Violence. Au cours du travail sur ce dernier film, il parlait souvent avec enthousiasme à Wim Wenders de son voyage à Cuba et du disque qu’il y avait enregistré avec de vieux musiciens cubains. Le disque, sorti sous le nom de « Buena Vista Social Club », fut un succès international. Au printemps 1998, Ry Cooder retourne à Cuba pour y enregistrer un disque avec Ibrahim Ferrer et tous les musiciens qui avaient participé au premier album. Cette fois, Wim Wenders était du voyage avec une petite équipe de tournage.


Ry Cooder has composed the musical score for several Wim Wenders films including Paris, Texas, and The End of Violence. Wenders now turns the camera on Cooder.

In 1996, Ry Cooder gathered together some of the greatest names from the history of Cuban music from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to collaborate on the best selling and Grammy winning album The Buena Vista Social Club.

Inspired by these colorful characters and their extraordinary music, Wenders travels to Havana, Cuba to chronicle the cooperation and camaraderie between Ry Cooder and his veteran friends – now known in Cuba as « Los Superablos (the Super-Grandfathers) » – as well as their dazzling sellout concerts in Amsterdam and New York’s Carnegie Hall in April and July 1998.

Wenders explains that he had no concept for the film other than trying « to do justice to this wonderful, warm, miraculous yet altogether real music. »

« Music is a treasure hunt, » says Cooder, « you dig and dig and sometimes you find something. »

 » In Cuba, the music flows like a river, » continues Wenders, « I want to make a film that’ll just float on this river – not interfering with it, just drifting along. »

Director: Wim Wenders

Directors of Photography:
Jörg Widmer
Robby Müller

Editor: Brian Johnson

Ry Cooder
Joaquim Cooder
Ibrahim Ferrer
Ruben Gonzáles
Eliades Ochoa
Omara Portuondo
Compay Segundo
Many other renowned
Cuban musicians

Producer: Ulrich Felsberg

Production: Road Movies Filmproduktion/Berlin

Length: 90 min. approx.

Format: 35mm Colour

Original Language: English/Spanish

DVD Region 1
also available:
Spanish Edtion Region 2 w/permanent German subtitles (
UK Edition Region 2 (
Italian Edition Region 2 (

– Audience Award, Edinburgh International Film Festival
– Best Documentary Award, European Film Awards
– NBR Award for Best Documentary, National Board of Review
– Golden Space Needle for Best Documentary, Seattle International Film Festival
– Award for Best Documentary, New York Film Critics
– Award for Best Documentary, Los Angeles Film Critics
– Academy Award Nomination
and other awards
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