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France, Madagascar, Réunion (La)
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Born and raised on the beautiful island of Madagascar, this poetry-filled artist transports to his rich universe. Alzo first gained recognition after posting videos on Youtube as a teenager and after touring with the Swiss singer Bastian Baker.

Runner-up of the 2019 edition of "Voix des Outre Mer" competition, ALZO confirms his status in the Indian Ocean area with his latest release "Miandry Aho (Waiting you home) an indie-folk-pop ballad.

His musical project grew up just after his American experience in Charlotte, North Carolina where he studied music performance at the Queens University under a fellowship program. Thanks to this fellowship program he lived his American Dream by performing in the U.S for the first time as a music student.

He had the opportunity to be coached by some music references such as Christina Pier, the famous American Opera singer or his actual vocal coach, Audrey Dardenne, former award winner "Voice of the Indian Ocean" for her 2013 album. ALZO was also trained by Bastien Picot a renown voice instrumentist.

Now living between Madagascar and Reunion, he is growing his project by extending it to the bigger Indian Ocean.


  It is in the Indian Ocean that he recorded his first message-carrying song "KAIZA" in 2017 produced by Distriks Music and recently "Miandry aho (Waiting you home)" from his new EP produced between Reunion and Canada. His attachment to his roots, his modernity fueled by humility touched the heart of the young audience. The simplicity and the authenticity were the aspects that touched people, no fancy cars, no fancy dancers, just music.

Today as a matured artist in 2019, he brings a brand new project.

Announced as the "Best New Malagasy artist" during the Malagasy festival in 2019 in Reunion, he aims for bigger stages to defend the music that makes people's spirit travel: Indie-folk-pop. With his guitarist and friend Rudy Cailasson, the amazing pianist Patrick Rabeson, and David Rako an incredible drummer, he is aiming for further life-changing experiences.  They are now a full-time band ready to immortalize moments in the Indian Ocean and beyond.

ALZO is now a recognized songwriter working with artists all around the globe from Thailand, Germany, Tanzania, and local artists. Thanks to his attendance at the 2019 IOMMA as a delegate, ALZO got new projects for 2020 featuring IOMMA certified artists. (TBA)



Madagascar has more diverse music than people might think. The country not only has traditional music but also several music styles that need to be put forward In the region.

A L Z O is one of a kind artist that mixes his American inspirations to his Malagasy Roots. You will witness a beautiful match between Occidental indie-folk-pop sonorities and Malagasy words and mysteries.

His music transcends, makes you travel but still gives you that feeling of being home. His music conveys universal messages through simplicity.

No matter what is your age, your gender, or your nationality. No matter if you understand Malagasy language, French or English, you still might be touched by his willingness to share stories.

The originality of the artist stays his ability to create original, sometimes ethnic music and still let it open to mainstream fans.

What is beautiful about the band is the story behind 4 boys from 24 to 38 years old bringing their feelings together to share you stories that may touch 2 different generations.