Fiche Personne
Théâtre Cinéma/TV Littérature / édition

Kadri Kõusaar

Réalisateur/trice, Ecrivain/ne, Acteur/trice


De nationalité Estonienne.

Elle est née le 8 septembre 1980 à Pärnu (Estonie).


She is Estonian nationality.

Born September 8th, 1980 in Pärnu (Estonia).

Kadri Kõusaar’s media debut started at the age of 13 writing and drawing cartoons and comic strips for newspapers. She has since published numerous film, literature and music-related articles, as well as bestselling novels « Ego » (2001) and « Free Rise » (2004) in Estonia. She has also worked as a radio-DJ and TV-host, and has a university degree in Spanish language and literature. « Magnus » is her first feature film.
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