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Michael Apted

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Michael Apted est un réalisateur et producteur britannique né le 10 février 1941 à Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Grande-Bretagne.

Apted étudie d’abord le droit et l’histoire à l’université de Cambridge. Il commence sa carrière à la télévision en travaillant comme chercheur pour Granada Television, devenant finalement directeur de la station. Pendant cette période à Granada, il réalise plusieurs épisodes de Coronation Street.

Pour son travail à la télévision, Apted remporte plusieurs British Academy Awards, y compris une pour le meilleur réalisateur dramatique.

Apted s’oriente vers le cinéma en 1972 et dirige son premier long métrage déjà très controversé par son engagement anti-militariste et son questionnement sur l’identité sexuelle, The Triple Echo basée sur la nouvelle de H. E. Bates intitulée Soldier in Skirts, dans lequel une jeune femme cache un déserteur jouer par Brian Deacon en le faisant passer pour sa soeur. En 1979, il enchaîne avec Agatha, un drame interprété par Dustin Hoffman et Vanessa Redgrave et portant sur la mystérieuse disparition d’Agatha Christie en 1926.

Il part aux États-Unis en 1980 et y dirige son premier film américain, La Fille du mineur (Coal Miner’s Daughter), qui reçoit plusieurs nomination aux Oscars. Par ailleurs, Apted réalise aussi plusieurs documentaires, notamment la série 7 up qui depuis 1963 suit le même groupe de personnes, alors agées de 7 ans, à raison d’un film tous les 7 ans (le dernier en date 49 Up en 2005)

En 1999, Apted réalise le film de James Bond Le monde ne suffit pas (celui qui a récolté le plus de succès de la série des James Bond au cinéma).

Le 29 juin 2003 il est élu président de la Director’s Guild of America.

Il réalisera Le Monde de Narnia 3 : L’odyssée du passeur d’aurore en 2009.

1965 : Thirty-Minute Theatre (série TV)
1967 : Haunted (série TV)
1968 : Murder: A Professional Job (TV)
1968 : There’s a Hole in Your Dustbin Delilah (TV)
1968 : Your Name’s Not God, It’s Edgar (TV)
1969 : The Dustbinmen (pilote série TV)
1969 : Big Breadwinner Hog (série TV)
1970 : 7 Plus Seven (TV)
1970 : The Lovers (série TV)
1972 : Joy (TV)
1972 : Another Sunday and Sweet F.A. (TV)
1972 : The Reporters (TV)
1972 : Buggins’ Ermine (TV)
1973 : The Triple Echo
1973 : Jack Point (TV)
1973 : Kisses at Fifty (TV)
1973 : Black and Blue (série TV)
1973 : High Kampf (TV)
1974 : Stardust
1976 : Ma collection (The Collection) (TV)
1977 : 21 (TV)
1977 : Stronger Than the Sun (TV)
1977 : Le Piège infernal (The Squeeze)
1979 : Agatha
1980 : Coal Miner’s Daughter
1981 : Continental Divide
1983 : Gorky Park
1984 : P’tang Yang Kipperbang (TV)
1984 : Firstborn
1985 : 28 Up (TV)
1985 : Bring on the Night
1986 : Haunted: Poor Girl (TV)
1987 : Toubib malgré lui (Critical Condition)
1988 : Gorilles dans la brume (Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey)
1989 : The Long Way Home (TV)
1991 : Affaire non classée (Class Action)
1991 : My Life and Times (série TV)
1991 : 35 Up (TV)
1992 : C?ur de tonnerre (Thunderheart)
1992 : Incident at Oglala
1992 : Crossroads (série TV)
1994 : Blink
1994 : Moving the Mountain
1994 : Nell
1995 : New York News (série TV)
1996 : Mesure d’urgence (Extreme Measures)
1997 : Inspirations
1998 : 42: Forty Two Up (TV)
1998 : Prisonniers sans chaînes (Always Outnumbered) (TV)
1999 : Nathan Dixon (TV)
1999 : Me & Isaac Newton
1999 : Le monde ne suffit pas (The World Is Not Enough)
2001 : Enigma
2002 : Married in America (TV)
2002 : Plus jamais (Enough)
2002 : Lipstick
2005 : Rome (série TV)
2005 : 49 Up (TV)
2006 : Amazing Grace
2006 : Married in America 2 (TV)
2007 : Goal! 3
2009 : Le Monde de Narnia 3 : L’odyssée du passeur d’aurore

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Michael Apted (born 10 February 1941) is an English director, producer, writer and actor.

Michael Apted enjoys a career spanning film and television, winning recognition and many awards for his work in both media.

He began working as a researcher at Granada Television and soon became established as an investigative reporter and television director of the news series World in Action, before becoming a drama director on the long running British soap Coronation Street. Among his sixty plus television credits are The Lovers and Folly Foot, which won BAFTA Awards®, and Another Sunday and Sweet FA and Kisses at Fifty, both of which won him the award as Best Dramatic director.

In 1972, Apted made his directorial film debut with Triple Echo, starring Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed, followed by the acclaimed rock and roll drama Stardust, then The Squeeze, with Stacy Keach and Agatha, starring Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave.

In 1980 his first American feature Coal Miner’s Daughter, garnered seven Academy® nominations, including Sissy Spacek’s Oscar for her portrayal of the country-western singer Loretta Lyn. He then directed John Belushi in Continental Divide, and William Hurt in an adaptation of the best-selling novel Gorky Park. In 1985 Bring On The Night, which chronicled the creation of rock star Sting’s Blue Turtles album and his subsequent tour, won Apted a Grammy Award®.

Gorillas in the Mist, starring Sigourney Weaver, gained five Academy® nominations. This was followed by Class Action, a court room drama starring Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Thunderheart, starring Val Kilmer, Blink, a thriller with Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn and Nell, starring Jodie Foster, who was nominated for an Academy Award® for her performance in the title role.

In 1996, Apted directed Extreme Measures, a medical ethics drama starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, followed by Always Outnumbered, starring Laurence Fishburne, written by Walter Mosley.

In 1999 he directed the James Bond adventure The World Is Not Enough, which became the most successful film in the franchise to date, starring Pierce Brosnan, Judi Dench and Denise Richards. This was followed by Engima, a World War II drama starring Kate Winslett and Dougray Scott and Enough, starring Jennifer Lopez.

In 2004, Apted directed the three establishing episodes of the epic HBO drama Rome, which follows two soldiers from Julius Caesar’s army as the Republic collapses and the Empire begins.

Parallel to his feature film career, Michael Apted has made documentaries that have attracted awards, as well as critical and box office success. The most notable of these is the series which began with 7 Up, following the lives of a group of 14 British schoolchildren from the age of seven, in 1963, visiting them every seven years to chart their lives. The most recent of the series, 49 Up, aired in 2005. Other documentaries include Married in America, the Rolling Stones Forty Licks Tour and The World 2006, following soccer and it’s global influence leading up to the 2006 World Cup.

Michael Apted is currently President of the Directors Guild of America, for a second term, and was recently awarded the International Documentary Association’s highest honour, the IDA Career Achievement Award®.
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