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Journaliste Directeur/trice Responsable Directeur/trice de publication

Camilla Larsson

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Directrice du Goteborg Film Festival Fund (Suède).

Responsable de l’Information, de la Sélection du Fond de soutien au cinéma des pays en développement par le Festival International du Film de Göteborg (Göteborg Film Fund, Suéde).
Journaliste, elle est directrice de la publication de la revue de cinéma Filmkonst (Suéde).


Camilla Larsson has been working as a journalist within the area of film, music, theatre, literature and travelling for many years. She is the editor of the Swedish film magazine Filmkonst and works as a programmer for the Göteborg International Film Festival. Furhtermore, she is in charge of the project evaluation and in the selection committee for the Göteborg International Film Festival Fund. She also is a member of the Guldbagge jury (Swedish Oscars) for short film and documentaries,