Fiche Personne
Théâtre Cinéma/TV Arts plastiques Littérature / édition Design

Stéphanie Machuret

Réalisateur/trice, Scénariste, Auteur des effets spéciaux, Graphiste


Date de Naissance
21 Août 1973

Résidence actuelle
Paris, France

Après un diplôme d’Arts Appliqués, un BTS Expression Visuelle et une formation 3D, elle participe à la fabrication du jeu vidéo L’île du Docteur Moreau chez Haiku Studios (1995-97), en tant qu’infographiste 3D pour le rendu : texture et « lightening » de décors 3D pré-calculés.


Date of Birth
21 August 1973

Current location
Paris, France

Having completed her diploma of Applied Art, a Visual Expression certification and 3D training Stephanie started off her career in the design and development of a video game know as L’île du Dr Moreau for Haiku Studio as a 3D graphic artist (1995-97). During this time she focused specifically on texture and background lighting using 3D technology.
In 1997 she joined a post-production audio visual company Mac Guff Ligne in Paris. Here, she concentrated mostly on 2D special effects both in film and television working on films such as The Visitors, Quasimodo del Paris, l’Odyssée de l’espèce (The Space Odyssey), Irréversible, Vidocq, BlueBerry, Homo Sapiens and many others.
After this experience still highly involved in the textual and illumination aspects of the image she worked on the highly acclaimed short film Le Puits (1999) (The Well) and the La mort de Tau (2000)(The Death of Tau) by Jérôme Boulbès, as 3D graphic artist and later on as assistant director and 2d graphic artist on L’Amante (2002) (The Praying Mantice) by Alexandre Dubosc.
At the beginning of 2004 Stephanie decided to write and develop her own short animated film which had been evolving in her mind and heart for sometime. And so was born : The African Story, which became Matopos. In June 2004 the project was selected for the « Lauréat du concours de projets » at the International Short Animated Film Festival in Annecy France where it received the Arte (local television channel) award.
In August 2004 Stephanie chose,  »Sacrebleu Productions » to produce the film. They were chosen specifically for their professionalism, involvement and respect for the creativity and imagination of the artist.
After 2 years of pain, fun and creative expression Matopos finally became a reality and has now been selected by multiple Animated Short Film Festivals.
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