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Mohamed Ghazala

Réalisateur/trice, Dessinateur/trice, Directeur/trice artistique, Universitaire, Commissaire d’exposition, Chercheur/se, Animateur/trice
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-Born in Benghazi, Libya 1978.

-Egyptian nationality.

He got high award from Education Ministry in Libya for artistic efforts 1990.

-Participated to Children Museum in Norway 1992.

-Graduated cum laude from fine arts faculty, Minia, Egypt.2001.

-Currently works as assistant teacher at Animation department at fine arts faculty. Minia University. Egypt.

-Member of plastic arts syndicate in Cairo.

-Got Master Degree in Animation about Disney’s characters (« Artistic and Dramatic Study of Animals in Disney’s Animated Films »)?-Minia University 2006.
-Exhibitions in Cairo and Minia.
-Solo Exhibition in Fine Arts faculty- Minia 2002.

-Currently works as storyboard artist and character designer in animated films and children books illustrator.

-Works as Art Director in Children Books in Dar Al Helal publishing & press foundation – Cairo-Egypt.

-Loves landscape and animals drawing and painting especially in pastel.

-Got many awards from Egyptian universities for artistic activities.

-Participated to Int’l Youth Films Week in Goethe Institute ? Cairo ? EGYPT – 2001.

-Participated to the Egyptian Animation Week Opera House ? Cairo – EGYPT- 2002.

-Participated to IBDA’A Media Student Awards Dubai ? UAE ? 2004.

-Participated to 1st Int’l animation films Celebration in Dubai) Dubai ? UAE ? Jan 2005.

-Participated to Animation Festival – 2nd int’l DigiMedia Conference ? Cairo – EGYPT- Mar 2005.

-Participated to (FICCI ?Animation Award) in New Delhi ? INDIA ? April 2005.

-Participated to the Egyptian Animation Week in Fine Arts Faculty ? Cairo ? EGYPT – May 2005.

-Won the 1st Award of Animation section for the animation film « Carnival » in the 2nd Fayoum Int’l Youth Film Festival ? Fayoum ? EGYPT – Jun 2005.

-Won the Video Art Award for the animation film « Crazy Works » in the 1st El-Sakia Cinema Documentary Festival ? Culture Wheel-Cairo – EGYPT- Jul 2005.

-Organized Cairo ?Durban Animation show for Egyptian and south African animated films – Sakiat Al Sawy Culture Wheel ?Cairo ? Egypt – Sep 2005.

-Won the 2nd Award of media Art in 17th Youth Salon ? Arts Palace ? Cairo ? Egypt Sep 2005.

-Participated to Féile Beochan – 1st Irish Animation Festival ? Kilkenny ? Ireland – September 2005.

-Participated to 12th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Naples -Castel Sant’Elmo ? Naples – Italy – September 2005.

-Participated to 7th Int’l Panorama of Independent Film and Video makers Chionidis Panagiotis ? Athens ? Greece – Sep 2005.

-Participated to 10th Int’l Film Fest for Children and Young Audience ? Chemnitz ? Germany ?Oct 2005.

-Participated to the 3rd Short Soup Intel’Short Film and Food Festival – Sydney – Australia? Oct 2005.

-Participated to the 1st FANTASY WORLDWIDE Film Festival ? Toronto ? Canada Nov 2005.

-Participated to the 15th PAN AFRICAN FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL ? Los Angeles? USA 2006.

-Participated to « Krok » – Festival of Animated Films ? Russia-Ukraine ? 2006.

-Was a part of a jury board in the 4th fayoum int’l youth film festival ? Fayoum ? EGYPT -2007.

-Directed 4 films : Carnival 2001 ? Crazy Works 2002 ? Hm Hm 2005 ? Salma 2006.

-Directed the first Yemeni animated film « Salma » with Tohamy Mahmoud, Yemeni Women Union 2006

-Organized workshop with children in Sfax Children’s book fair ? Sfax ?Tunisia – Mar 2006

– Won the 2nd Award of Animation section for the animated film « Hm Hm » in the 3rd Fayoum International Youth Film Festival ? Fayoum -EGYPT- Jun 2006.

-Organized Panorama of Egyptian Animation at Comics Salon Festival ? Bratislava ?Slovakia Sept 2006.

-Lectured about Egyptian Animation in Animation Department – V?MU Film & TV academy ?Bratislava ?Slovakia ?Sept 2006.

-Participated to UNESCO’s animation workshop AFRICA ANIMATED 3.0 ?Nairobi ?Kenya Oct 2006.

-Participated to EUROMED’s cinema workshop INSIGHT OUT ?HFF-Potsdam ? Germany Mar 2007.


As is the case with most directors of animated films, the name of Mohamed Ghazala may not be well known to the typical movie-goer. What is animation? Any process whereby artificial movement is created by photographing a series of drawings or computer images one by one. An animation director is the director in charge of all aspects of the animation process during the production of an animated film or animated segment for a live-action film. This may include directing the character design, background animation, and any other aspect of animation. Sure we have all come to watch animated movies, when we were yet children, or shared the fun of watching animated movies with our children… Behind this interesting works stands the animation director…

Mohamed Ghazala is a university lecturer and researcher in animation at Minia University in Egypt and an experienced maker of animated films. He is known for the production of high-quality animation for commercials, features


Mohamed Ghazala är universitetslärare och forskare i animation vid Minia-universitetet i Egypten. Han har gjort en rad animerade filmer.

Source: CinemAfrica 2011, Stockholm
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