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Joke Silva



Joke is a household name in the world of Nigeria cinema. Since the early eighties, she has carved out a successful career as an actress on stage, film, television and radio primarily in Nigeria and England (BBC, British Film Institute, Royal Court Theatre Sloan Sq) and the South of France. Her acting credits include « Secret Laughter of Women » with Nia Long and Colin Firth (’97 Film), Mirror in the Sun (’84 TV), Second Chance (’84 TV), Jero’s Metamorphosis (’81 Stage), Owuro Lojo (’93 Video), Mind Bending (’92 TV), Sisters (2002 Stage), The King Must Dance Naked (’93 Stage), Tight Rope (2000 – 2002 TV), Twins of the Rainforest (’98 Film), The Kingmaker (2002 Video), A Husband’s Wife (2003 Stage), Brave Heart (2003 Film), Shylock (2004 Stage) and A Past Came Calling (2004 Stage) to mention a few.

Joke has also written and directed to critical acclaim: Digging for Gold, Jonah, The Drummer Boy and Footprints. She is an alumnus of Holy Child College, Obalende, Weber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, London, University of Lagos Akoka and Fate Foundation, Ijora.

Silva is a recipient of several awards, including the EMOTAN Award by African Independent Television and the SOLIDRA Award. She is also a Member of the think tank for the Blair Commission for Africa, a trustee of Advocacy for Women and Children, a board member and a grief counselor for AART of Life Foundation.

There is no doubt that Joke brings a wealth of experience to the character she portrays in 30 Days. Dupe Alade is the president’s most powerful minister and she has been charged with the task of untangling the mystery behind the killing of government officials.
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