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Matt Bish



Réalisateur, scénariste, monteur et producteur ougandais.

Matt Bish, nom d’artiste de Matthew Bishanga, est né le 15 mai 1975 en Ouganda. après avoir terminé ses études d’ingénieur et de cinéma à Amsterdam, il retourne en 2005 à Kampala (Ouganda) pour produire « Battle of the souls », un long métrage thriller, considéré comme le premier « vrai » film ougandais.


Matt Bishanga aims to transform Ugandan filmmakers into great international filmmakers. He speaks excellent English and Dutch and some local languages in Uganda. He’s a former student at Makerere University in the school of architecture, which he attended for four years but dropped it in favor for film, which he embarked on in the Netherlands. Matt returned to Uganda in 2005 after 8 years in Holland to set up a media production company that today has produced numerous television commercials, music videos, documentaries and a feature film. He’s currently lecturing filmmakers and actors around the country on how to improve their skills. Matt is producing his first feature film, « Battle of the Souls ». He assembled an amateur cast and crew to produce what happens to be Uganda’s first feature film entirely done by Ugandans. The film has gone on to win very many accolades some of which include, Best East African Film, Best editing, Best achievement in Visual Effects, Best supporting actor etc. This has fueled many Ugandans to start filmmaking which is Matt’s goal to ensure that the industry grows so we can tell our stories and improve on tourism.


Matt Bish, nome d’arte di Matthew Bishanga, è nato il 15 maggio 1975 in Uganda. Dopo aver terminato gli studi alla scuola di Engineering e Film di Amsterdam, nel 2005 ritorna a Kampala (Uganda) per produrre « Battle of the souls », un lungometraggio di genere thriller; considerato il primo « vero » film ugandese. La storia è ispirata alla vicenda di Roger Mugisha, noto uomo di spettacolo poi diventato un born again christian, che è coproduttore (con lo stesso Bishanga) del film.

2011 – State Research Bureau
2010 – A good catholic girl
2007 – Battle of the Souls
2006 – Celtel Uganda, over the years
2005 – The Journey of KMCC

Source: Vérona Festival Cinema Africano 2011