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Perry Henzell

Réalisateur/trice, Acteur/trice


Réalisateur et acteur né en 1936 à Port Maria (Jamaïque)
Décédé le 30 Novembre 2006 à la Jamaïque



Born in 1936 in Port Maria, Jamaica to Owen Maxwell & Marjorie Henzell. Raised on Caymanas Estate and attended Jamaica College until he was sent to school (Shrewsbury) in England at 14. Attended McGill University in Montreal at 17.

At 20 Perry started working with the BBC television in the drama department. At 23 Perry returned to Jamaica where he founded Vista Productions and during the decade of the 60’s made over 200 commercials and developed a studio at 10a West Kings House Road.

In 1970-1972 Perry co-wrote, directed and produced Jamaica’s first feature film THE HARDER THEY COME. During the rest of the’70s Perry traveled to 45 countries selling the film in different territories and shot an experimental movie, NO PLACE LIKE HOME.
During the 80s Perry worked on numerous screenplays for other people and directed a full scale musical on the life of MARCUS GARVEY.

POWER GAME, Perry’s first novel, was published in 1982 and is a political thriller set in the Caribbean.
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